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~ NEW! ~
Decibel Products introduction to tunable cavities
McGee Speaker and Electronics Catalog - 1971 (huge file 265MB)
TEACO 4651 and 4651PC floppy drive tester (8", 5", maybe 3.5)

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Wish List:

We need information, manuals, or accessories for this equipment please.
  • Spectromagnetics NMR Gaussmeter model 5300
  • Make: Spectromagnetics / The Cyclotron Corporation
  • Model: 5300 Gaussmeter
  • Needs: Schematics, Manuals, Probe
    Yes you can experiment with nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy at home. It's a safe, educational, and wholesome activity for today's nuclear family!


  • Warning labels and signs for experimenters.
  • Preserving some of your privacy and stopping most annoyances while 'surfing the web'.

    Current Laboratory Projects In Progress-

  • Cryptocurrency: Our own Skycoin Miner ~ NEW! ~
  • The "Junkbox" 3CX3000 Amplifier ~ NEW! ~


  • How the eye responds to different laser wavelengths and why invisible lasers are so dangerous.
  • Spectra-Physics R2 Diode Pumped Nd:YLF Infrared LASER CW, Q-switched, and modulated
  • Zygo Laser Interferometer Super precise measurement of changes in distance
  • Megawatt TEA-CO2 LASER
  • Operating the SSY1 LASER on the workbench

    Nuclear Energy

  • Detection of Nuclear Radiation
  • Radium, so Beautiful and so Deadly

    Vacuum Tubes

  • Main Tube Manuals Section
  • DuMont Cathode Ray Equipment (1951). A look at the state of the art in high performance CRT designs and scopes (62MB)
  • Trochotron decade counter tube
  • Vacuum Tube Cross Reference: Commercial-Military-Industrial
  • All About CRT Phosphors 8 pages from P1 to P56. colors, chemcials, designations, applications..
  • Thomas CRT catalog and Data T160-10M 17MB nice high resolution
  • Thomas CRT catalog and Data 3MB small size
  • The WX32320PX55, a very Interesting CRT
  • RCA RC-25 Tube Manual (1966) HTML
  • RCA RC-25 Tube Manual (1966) PDF (42MB download) -thanks to Barry Lambert
  • Sylvania 1943 and 1949 Tube Manuals
  • Sylvania 1959 Tube Manual -thanks to Mr. D. Cook for advising us that the 21MP4 and 21WP4 CRT info was missing!
  • Eimac 1950's Vacuum Tube data (also incl. HV-1 diffusion pump, etc)
  • Machlett "Power Output" Vol 1 No. 3 (July 1959) 11MB
  • RCA TT-3 Transmitting Tube Manual
  • RCA TT-4 Transmitting Tube Manual
  • United Electronics 1959 Tube Catalog

    Ballast Tubes





  • Classic AMF / Potter & Brumfield Relay Information 21 items! 600DPI scans!

    Small Parts - pots, switches, caps, insulators, 'couplates', etc.


    Speakers - Great sounds from the past! DIY and drivers

  • McGee Speaker and Electronics Catalog 1971 (265MB)


  • Classic Transformer Catalogs
  • How to repair an Adjustable Autotransformer ("Variac")
  • Triad Transformer Official Archive - Offsite Link to Triad!

    Tesla Coils

  • North texas Teslathon 2010
  • "Big Tesla Coil", 250,000 Volts (9MB)
  • Small & Fun Tube Tesal Coil, 30,000 Volts (5MB)
  • Tube type Tesla coil using 811A

    Electronic Equipment

  • Harris Corp. "B-30147-5-SPECIAL" Allentel 5-line Pulse/Tone Telephone Set manual A Rack-Mount Phone
  • Beckman 5500 EPUT Meter A frequency counter similar to HP 522B.
  • Boonton 190A Q-Meter
  • B&K 1076 Analyst BK Precision flying spot scanner
  • B&K 1077 Analyst BK Precision flying spot scanner
  • Barker & Williamson 210 Oscillator
  • "Henshaw's Mad World of CB" 1970 catalog high resolution 88MB
  • VC-100 and VC-200 "CB Radio" speech processors manuals and schematics.
  • Christie MH28-200R2S 28V 200A Power Supply
  • Collins 242F-2 VHF AM Transmitter 108-152MHz 200W carrier Part 1, DEC 1, 1955
  • Collins 242F-2 VHF AM Transmitter 108-152MHz 200W carrier Part 2, DEC 1, 1955
  • Collins 493A-1 RADAR Indicator aircraft unit with 5" CRT and rotating yoke
  • Conrac CF17 and CF21 NTSC Monochrome Video Monitor
  • Conrac CNB8 8" broadcast monochrome video monitor manual The last word in NTSC monochrome broadcast monitoring 16MB
  • Conrac CQF High resolution Monochrome Video Monitor
  • About Selective Cavities" booklet by Decibel Products 1964
  • Electrohome G-05 X-Y Monitor "Quadrascan" Oscilloscope, Electromagnetic Deflection, 19" diagonal CRT, 3.6MB.
  • Federal TV Corp AM-864/U Audio Compressor
  • Transistor Replacement Guide - 1973 GE
  • General Radio 732 Distortion & Noise Meter, 1937 vintage
  • Hewlett Packard 512A Counter
  • Hewlett Packard 517B Digital Clock
  • Hewlett Packard 521A -C -D -E -G Counter
  • Hewlett Packard 522B Counter
  • Hewlett Packard 1300A XY Display Oscilloscope, 20MHz, 8x10 Inch graticule (13" diagonal) CRT, 182MB.
  • Hughes Memo-Scope 104-D tech manual An early analog storage CRT oscilloscope
  • IFI Model 400A broadband RF Power Amplifier
  • Lambda Regulated Power Supplies C-481, C421 Tube type high voltage units.
  • Ling TPA-850 manual 850 watt shaker table audio amplifier -massive!
  • Materials Research Corporation S-3013 13.5MHz 1.5KW RF Generator Schematic Diagram 3-phase, 3-1000Z
  • Military 1950's USAF electronic church bells sytem, an interesting item!
  • Military Telephone Wire Reel CE-11 TM 11-3985-203-15
  • Military TA-1/PT Telephone TM 11-5805-243-13
  • Military TA-312/PT, TA-312A/PT Telephone TM 11-5805-201-23P
  • Military TS-505 and TS-505D/U Military VTVM schematic and manual High quality scan. The TS-505 is one of the best VTVM's out there.
  • The Panoramic SA-1 T-100 Radio Spectroscope an early panadapter (band scope / tuning aid)
  • Philips EL6472 Unholtz-Dickie 2000 Watt audio amplifier using vacuum tubes
  • Phonograph Speed Disc - print and cut out, shows speed under 60Hz lamp
  • A simple tube type oscilloscope - The Precicion ES-500
  • Raytheon Broadcast Equipment Price Book 1948
  • Raytheon RA-250 Broadcast Transmitter Manual
  • Raytheon RA-250 Promotional Booklet
  • Raytheon RA-1000 Broadcast Transmitter Manual
  • RCA BA-6A vacuum tube compressor
  • Rutherford B7B Pulse Generator Manual A Tube Type unit from 1967, Rutherford/CMC
  • Sanborn Vacuum-Tube DC General Purpose Amplifier 126, 126B, 64-300A, 64-300B, 67-300, 67-300B, 67A-300B
  • Shallcross 673-D Milliohmmeter
  • Singer CSM-1 Service Monitor manual
  • Singer spectrum analyzer manuals MF-5 frame and VR-4/4b (0-27.5MHz), SSB-50 system (0-40MHz)
  • Singer SPA-3000 Spectrum Analyzer manual
  • TEACO 4651 4651PC floppy disk drive tester 8", 5", should also do 3.5"
  • Texscan DU-127 XY Oscilloscope. Electromagnetic Deflection, 12" diagonal CRT, 17MB.
  • Tracerlab Duoscale -The Basic Scale of Two
  • Wavetek_1901C X-Y Oscilloscope, Electromagnetic Deflection, 12" diagonal CRT, 20MB.
  • Super-Classic Westinghouse Flashlight-Radio RS-16P08A

    Projects and Knowledge

  • Easy-to-Build Ham Radio Projects (vacuum tube type projects. 74MB)
  • An interesting CRT project Using a Classic 10" Round Tube
  • How To Repair a Small Air-Variable Capacitor
  • The "4x8" power supply
  • Make your own plugs for any socket -Example: 9-pin plug for tube socket
  • An article on the distortion caused by Zener diode-derived cathode bias in an amplifier
  • How to rack-mount non-rackmount equipment
  • DIY Power Crossing Generator
  • Alloy Handbook of Electrical Resistance - Wilbur B Driver Co. (incl. lavish illustrations section, 255MB PDF) Why not?
  • Alloy Handbook of Electrical Resistance - Wilbur B Driver Co. (less lavish illustrations section, 54MB PDF)
  • Western Electric and other audio amps and theater equipment - Altec Service Company manual - part 1 381MB PDF
  • Western Electric and other audio amps and theater equipment - Altec Service Company manual - part 2 308MB PDF
  • Western Electric - Altec Service Company manual - transformers and passive equalization methods (restricted) 90MB PDF [right-click and "save-as"!]
  • Western Electric - Altec Service Company manual - some 25 ancient theater amps diagrams specs including 6W zero bias PP 6N7 amp and 807 amps running at the ragged edge. 90MB PDF
  • Practical Amplifiers - 45 proven circuits for experimenters - 1947 Mirrored Courtesy of Pete Millett
  • Lafayette 1971 #3 electronics catalog
  • The Boy Electrician (40 megabyte PDF)
  • Using Thyratrons to Rectify and Regulate DC Voltages.
  • Westinghouse Maintenance Hints motors, switchgear, industrials.. Well worth the read.
  • Build your own simple 9-LED Flashlight: the basics
  • 36-led flashlight with switching power supply
  • Comparison of the 9 and 36 LED flashlights
  • Build a 60Hz Repulsion-Coil Engine (9MB)
  • RADAR Technology of WWII MIT Radiation Laboratory Series. Practical knowledge of RADAR development and the applied technology of the day.
  • Aircraft Radio Corporation ( ARC ) 1960 Catalog
  • Eimac amateur service newsletters (All 50 vacuum tube RF amplifier articles)
  • GE HAM NEWS A Great '50's Ham Radio Project In Each One!
  • The Radio Amateur's Handbook 1944 edition
  • Audio Low Pass Filter for ham radio use.
  • Servicing TV Horizontal and Vertical Output Systems Details of deflection systems for monochrome vacuum-tube televisions (125MB)
  • RADIO magazine from the 1930's (contains many, many projects, as many articles, and much work by Frank C. Jones and contemporaries)

    Microwave Oven Idiocy

  • A Tungar Rectifier Roasting the Microwave 24MB Don't do this. Explosion hazard.
  • A "Robotron" Mercury Vapor Thyratron Roasting the Microwave 9MB Don't do this. Explosion hazard. Mercury hazard.

    Favorite Surplus Establishments

  • The Magnetosphere (closed) - unusual and hard to find parts, high voltage, RF, vacuum tube accessories
  • The Black Hole in Los Alomos, New Mexico APPARENTLY CLOSED although a web site of sorts remains. - This is the best one I have visited yet. Just check the pictures. I spent 2 days there and it was worth every minute.
  • Nortex Electronics (CLOSED:) A Memorial to Lewis Cearly and what was the best place in Texas for the vacuum tube surplus parts!
  • Surpus Sales of Pennsylvania with great items! (web site is gone?)
  • Mock Electronics (CLOSED) -A "Real Electronics Store" in Alabama
  • Tanner Electronics in Carrollton, Texas
  • Fair Radio in Lima, Ohio
  • See more favorite surplus stores in "Travel" section below!

    Radio (General)

  • AM is Gothic and this is the proof. 120+ examples of black iron & hot glass like the old masters used to do it. (264MB) Thanks to Magnus Lohr.
  • Testing AM / High-Level Plate Modulators
  • An article on the effect of power supply regulation on attainable modulation of an RF PA
  • A set of small MS-DOS programs to help with electronics and radio calculations
  • CB Radio Handy-Talkies of older days
  • On the Tube-Type Mobile CB / 10M ham Linear Amplifier
  • Sonar FS-23 CB Radio Service Manual
  • Manual for the Collins 180L-2 HF Antenna Tuner (for above, 105MB)
  • Manual and Programs for the Collins 618S-1 HF Aircraft Transceiver
  • The Dentron MLA-2500 linear amplifier
  • CAA (FAA) TV-15 VHF Transmitter
  • CDE HAM-M Antenna Rotator Manual, HAM 1,2,3,4,5
  • ETO Alpha 274 and Alpha 374 Linear Amplifier Manual
  • FCC license examinations - Yesterday and Today..
  • Hallicrafters HT-9 Transmitter Manual
  • Home-Made AM Broadcast Station with Vacuum Tube Technology (legal to operate, low power)
  • Some Transmitters Built by Dennis Brady W5FRS Using Vacuum-Tube Technology
  • W5FRS 2012 Update showing 40M AM transmitter with HK54's modulated by 808's
  • A Deluxe Amateur Transmitter, Hammarlung Engineering Dept. April 1947 This IS the king-size "AM Kilowatt" unit. Thanks to Rodger Singley for the scans! (8MB)
  • Repairing the "bad video" problems on the Icom IC-R9000
  • A Look at an Ancient Series-Tube Cathode Modulator
  • Signal One CX-7 manual
  • Lafayette HA-250 mobile linear amplifier for 10 and 6 meters
  • SDP 1000L RF Power Amplifier for MARS Use
  • The Motorola PT300 Handie Talkie 8 watts of FM on 43.120MHz in 1965!
  • Racal RA6217A HF receiver and RA-6337A VLF converter
  • RCA BTA-1R1 Broadcast Transmitter manual
  • RCA BTA-250L Broadcast Transmitter manual
  • RCA 1K Broadcast Transmitter details and Schematic Incl. BTA-250K as Driver
  • Rycom R1307A/GR radio receiver manual(not sure where this came from)
  • Schematic / manual for the Bell&Howell Model 9560-1 / Heathkit 100-203-31 5" Oscilloscope

    Hoarding and Collecting Classical Electronics

  • Private Electronics Hoard I (not mine!)
  • Private Electronics Hoard II (not mine!)
  • A friend's collection of antique ham radios
  • Stuff from an SK's estate - he was very accomplished at HF

    Computers (General)

  • Calculator Collection
  • National Semiconductor IMP16P
  • PDP11/05 computer system
  • The TI 990/10 minicomputer
  • The BSL Disk memory for the PDP8i
  • Learn all about Core Memory with this manual (60 megabyte PDF, right-click, save-as)
  • Megatek CAD Terminal (TEKtronix 4014 clone)
  • UNIVAC 1562-00 Plasma Display, 1973, one of a kind.
  • OpenVMS Home Movies
  • Osborne System One, a rare old desktop PC from 1982 -with boot-up screen videos!
  • Victor 9000, a rare old desktop PC from 1983 -with boot-up screen videos!
  • Screenshots from "Elephants Dream", the world's first open-source computer generated movie


  • MVPA Convention 2002
  • VRPS Convention/Auction images 2002
  • VRPS Convention 2003 (Friday Auction)
  • VRPS Convention 2003 (Saturday Auction)
  • VRPS Swap Meet September 2003
  • Ham-Com 2003
  • VRPS Swap Meet August 2004
  • VRPS Repair Session July 2004
  • Ham-Com 2004
  • VRPS Swap Meet January 2006
  • VRPS Meeting January 2006
  • VRPS Spring Auction 2006
  • Belton HAM EXPO, by the Temple Amatyeur Radio Club, April 2006
  • Rest stop #7 at the MS150 2006
  • VRPS Swap Meet May 2006
  • MVPA Convention 2006
  • IARC ARRL Field Day 2006
  • Civil Defense Readiness Exercise 2007 (an excuse to go camping..)
  • VRPS Convention (Friday Auction) 2007
  • LAARK ARRL Field Day 2008
  • VRPS Swap meet 2008 August 16
  • VRPS "Show and Tell" meeting 2009 February 21
  • Ham-Com 2009
  • TexLEM 2012 (LASER Enthusiasts' Meeting)
  • Ham-Com 2012

    Amateur Radio Station KD5OEI

  • Shack progress as of 01 FEB 2006 (yes this is old..)
  • Operator console progress update May 2006 (yes this is old..)
  • The "Ammo Can" 2-meter portable station
  • Emergency Power in Action at KD5OEI
  • The "Big Iron"
  • Harris RF-130 HF base station
  • The 1957 Durward Tucker "KW+" AM Transmitter
  • Further work on the Tucker RF deck
  • The 1948 Link 250-UFS 250-watt and Link 50-UFS 50-watt Low-Band VHF Base Stations (on 6 meters)
  • The 1947 RCA BTA-250L AM transmitter
  • Communications and Surveillance Receivers
  • 2M VHF FM and VHF/UHF AM Aircraft Tranceiver Rack
  • Fine Analog Test Equipment
  • The Medium Voltage Power Supply Rack

    Monitored Signals

  • "Yosemite Sam", An Interesting 'Radio Pirate' Operating from a Government Installation
  • Interesting SSTV images intercepted

    Military Electronics

  • Scott SLR-M Marine Receiver. General coverage 0.54 to 18.6 MHz.
  • Navy Panoramic Radio Adapters RCX, RCX-1, RBV-1, RBU-1, RBW-2, RBW-2M (NAVSHIPS 900, 288-I B) 112MB PDF
  • Military tellurometer & X-band (10GHz) microwave voice link Model 99
  • "UHF Military Equipment" R-278B/GR, R-361/GR, T-217/GR, T-282/GR, MD-129/GR, and MD-141/GR from AN/GRT-3, AN/GRR-7, AN/GRC-27A, and AN/GRC-48 200-400MHz systems. Today the transmitters are usually used as amateur TV amplifiers on the 70CM band.
  • Radio Frequency Amplifier (RX amplifier) AM-4213/FLR-9(V)
  • ART-13 Maintenance Instructions TO 12R2-2ART13-2
  • ART-13 Operator Instructions TO 12R2-2ART13-1
  • Antenna AS-3684 / VRC SWR plot
  • Antenna AT-677 SWR plot
  • BC610 (A-B-C-D-E), BC-729, BC-939 (antenna tuning units) Repair Instructions TM 11-4057
  • BC610 (E-F-G-H-I), T213/GRC-26, BC-939 (antenna tuning unit) manual TO 31R2-3SCR399-21 / TM 11-826
  • BC-653-A Transmitter covers 2-4.5MHz, 50-200W, WWII (1941)
  • BC-902-B Navigation Transmitter
  • RCA Military CFN-59 AAE Video Camera for WWII Remotely Piloted Flying Bomb
  • CU-168/FRR HF Receiving Antenna Coupler manual TM 11-5985-212-5
  • AN/GRC-106 HF tranceiver
  • AN/GRC-106A HF tranceiver
  • AN/GRR-2 Hallicrafters SX-28 Super Skyrider manual TM 11-874
  • AN/GRR-2 Hallicrafters SX-28 three schematic variants
  • AN/MRC-2 Radio Set. TM 11-624A, 2KW Amplifiers AM-141A & AM-141B /MRC for BC-610 138MB
  • AN/MRC-2 Test STD REP-455 for AM-141 Amplifiers p-p 833s running 3300V@1.3A - 5.8MB
  • Bruce Industries P/N BR8159-504 28VDC military lamp
  • Martin-Marietta Ruggedized Military Precision XGA Monitor
  • AN/PIQ-5 and AN/PIQ-5A Bullhorn / Loudhailer manual and schematic
  • AN/PRM-10 Test Oscillator Set covering 2-400MHz (schematic)
  • RT-68 low-band VHF FM military radio set
  • U. S. Military Telephone Sets
  • The TCM-2 WWII Navy Transmitter (pictures)
  • AN/TIQ-2 /A /B Public Address Set manuals
  • T-408/URT-12 , AN/URT-12 Transmitter Manual
  • AN/VIC-4 intercom

    Military Vehicles and Generators

  • LCEHV and Aquila program films
  • Adding a prelube system to the M35's multifuel engine
  • M35 truck's Commo shelter update as of 23 June 2007 (more electical work and tests)
  • Adding a Diesel Generator to the M35 Truck
  • Testing the Diesel Generator because the voltage is too low
  • Shifter Boots for the M35 Truck
  • Adding a post-turbo pyrometer to the LDT-465-1D diesel engine in the M35A2, fuel adjustments
  • Fixing up the seat in an M35
  • Installing a battery equalizer, switched 12V and 24v power, and an AN/VIC-4 intercom in an M35 truck
  • Rigging a deadbolt lock into an M35 cab door. - Lock it up!
  • M35 helps to demolish condemned house. MAY 28, 2006
  • M35A2 fuel mileage log
  • Custom Dual Trailer Hitch for the M35A2
  • Rear Axle Grease Seal Issues and Remedies for the M35A2
  • Installing 11.00x20 Tires as Duals on an M35A2
  • M35 schematic diagram (wiring diagram of the truck)
  • Adding More Air Conditioning to an S-280 Type Shelter (part 1)
  • Adding More Air Conditioning to an S-280 Type Shelter (part 2)
  • When I first got the M35. Adding A/C, cleaning up and refurbishing the shelter, the road trip home..
  • Small speeding car vs. M105 trailer
  • CE-100 10KW generator set
  • Winpower 28 Volt 1500 Watt DC generator
  • A silly spinning animation of an M109 2.5 ton truck LARGE (warning -might make you sick)
  • A silly spinning animation of an M109 2.5 ton truck small
  • Oshkosh and FMTV videos -for those who wish to know more about these excellent trucks.
  • Veterans Memorial Museum
  • FV432 Armored personnel Carrier (ghetto version) Disgraceful!

    Offroad Activities

  • JAN 01, 2005 Brushy Creek Motorcycle Farm
  • FEB 20, 2005 Brushy Creek Motorcycle Farm
  • MAR 13, 2005 Brushy Creek MotorcycleFarm
  • MAR 20, 2005 Rocky Ridge Ranch
  • APR 02, 2005 Rocky Ridge Ranch
  • APR 10, 2005 Rocky Ridge Ranch
  • OCT 02, 2005 Brushy Creek MotorcycleFarm
  • NOV 28, 2005 Red River (Muenster/Bulcher)
  • DEC 26, 2005 Lake Murray
  • JAN 01, 2006 Red River
  • JUL 04, 2006 Brushy Creek Motorcycle Farm
  • JUN 06, 2009 Shady Grove Motocross

    Aerial Maps

  • Lake Murray, OK offroad vehicle park
  • Red River (Muenster/Bulcher) offroad vehicle park
  • Rocky Ridge Ranch offroad vehicle park

    19 BDE Texas State Guard

  • 2010 Great Texas Balloon Race, Longview, Texas
  • IET Communications Training
  • Generator Trailer, Diesel, 8800W
  • Hurricane Dean
  • Hurricane Katrina
  • 2006 Great Texas Balloon Race, Longview, Texas
  • FTX Spring 2006
  • ATX 2005
  • 2005 Great Texas Balloon Race, Longview, Texas page 1
  • 2005 Great Texas Balloon Race, Longview, Texas page 2
  • Veterans' Day 2004, Dallas, Texas
  • FTX 2004
  • ATX 2004 (primarily 19 BDE communications)
  • 2004 Great Texas Balloon Race, Longview, Texas
  • 2004 Colorado Adventure Festival, Dallas, Texas
  • 2004 Unofficial Shoot
  • Veterans' Day 2003, Dallas, Texas
  • ATX 2002
  • Greenville TX "Fly-In", 2002
  • 1st Bn. 19 Bde. TXSG images
  • The Military Tradition of "Dining out"
  • AB-86/GRA-4 40 FT Mast Kit instructions
  • AB-86/GRA-4 40 FT Mast Kit parts list
  • The Chain of Command and the Creed of the NCO HOOAH!


  • Kitty (a rememberance, powerpoint slideshow)
  • Kitty enjoying some sashimi
  • T-Mom
  • Abby
  • Mookie
  • The Kitten Factory Always pregnant! Finally caught and spayed. Indoor cat now.
  • Cats of the Porch
  • Sushi prepared for cats
  • How Cats Fight -an example

    Wasting Less Energy

  • The Economies of screw-in Flourescent Lamps


  • October 2011 - Surplus Stores of the Western Continental United States - a photo essay
  • December 2010 Trip to pick up electronics gear from Los Alamos NM and Casa grande AZ
  • September 2010 Trip to Chester, IL to pick up some truck parts
  • June 2010 Trip to New Mexico: Roswell, the VLA, Albuquerque, Los Alamos
  • Steel Soldiers Mission 2009: Building an M8109 - a customized 5-Ton military truck
  • Steel Soldiers Mission 2008: visiting the usual suspects and all points in between, in an M35A2
  • Road Trip from Dallas, Texas to Wichita, Kansas to rescue a 1947 Vintage Broadcast Transmitter!
  • Steel Soldiers Spring Rally 2008 at D-Day Adventure Park
  • Steel Soldiers Mission 2007: Dallas To Chicago and and points between in an M35A2
  • Steel Soldiers Mission 2006: To Virginia and back in an M35A2
  • About France
  • Niagra Falls
  • 1-ton van with a reinforced bumper hits an abandoned car on the highway at 60MPH
  • Too hot in the hotel room? (#1)
  • Supercomm 2005
  • The Drake Hotel, Chicago
  • DEFCON 9

    Original Desktop Wallpapers

  • 100 year old wallpaper

    Unusual Music

  • Gradpa's Getting Married Again Grandpa Jones [old 78RPM record, © is expired]
  • I Don't Know Hee From Haw Grandpa Jones [old 78RPM record, © is expired]
  • Miss Molly Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys [old 78RPM record, © is expired]
  • Home in San Antone Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys [old 78RPM record, © is expired]
  • Sharing a Life and a Dream (instrumental) 1st National Bank of McCook, Nebraska celebrates 90 years, in 1975. [45RPM 'freebie']
  • Sharing a Life and a Dream (vocal) 1st National Bank of McCook, Nebraska celebrates 90 years, in 1975. [45RPM 'freebie']
  • Puddy Tat Square (attempt 1) Attempt at fixing and playing a rare 78 RPM record broken by an incompetent ebay seller.
  • Puddy Tat Square (attempt 2) It's a nice square dance having a 'puddy tat' theme. [Old Timer record label © is expired]
  • EQ settings suggestion for playing old 78RPM records
  • 46 More Ancient tunes from 78RPM records

    Trivial Audio Clips or Statements

  • "One disk to rule them all, One disk to find them. One disk to bring them all and in the darkness grind them. In the Land of Redmond where the shadows lie." -Unknown
  • "Leave that to me!" -Darth Vader
  • "I have you now!" -Darth Vader
  • "What is thy bidding, my master?" -Darth Vader
  • "He's Dead, Jim" -Doctor McCoy
  • I am Dracula. I bid you welcome -Dracula
  • Help you I can, yes, mmm. -Yoda
  • The answer... is 42! -The Great Computer
  • I know Nothing.. NOTHING! -SGT Schultz
  • Why must I be surrounded by fools? -Unknown
  • Harcort Fenton Mudd! You Miserable Sot!
  • OK. I am still waiting to be rich too.



  • Photon Lexicon Laser Enthusiasts
  • Schematic Heaven -Traditional Site- Audio / Instrument Amplifiers and Effects
  • Schematic Heaven -Other Site- Audio / Instrument Amplifiers and Effects
  • The Cathode Ray Tube Site be sure to see that!

    The following have graciously allowed us to mirror some of their materials.

  • Opcom's Tech Zone
  • Pete Millett's DIY Audio Pages
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    Why "Bunker of DOOM"? Simple.. easy to remember, and appropriate since many of the technologies practiced by those who enter these portals were long ago doomed in the face of technology advancements (read -cheaper manufacturing and higher efficiency at the cost of tangible craftsmanship). Certainly alot of very fine craftsmanship and engineering, the best, has gone into the insides of our modern appliances as well as their stylish exteriors, but it's no longer really tangible to the user. There's little that seems personal or hand-finished. Modern devices are defined by software, and if you want to change something about the way it works or add value to your property and you are not an expert on that specific platform, well.. you may feel out of luck, until you see that hardware modifications can also help, with or without software changes, and that using the older gear is not only fun but sometimes less annoying than the slick new plastic object.

    This is why Amish and Plain Peoples' products, old and new, are forever sought out, and it is why some people are willing to pay more for custom built computers and the other high tech goods like vintage audio equipment. It may also be why people jailbreak their mobile phones, but that's another matter. No one is scorning new products but people want to want to make them better, add value, and personalize. One idea is to make the thing oneself, whatever it is. Not 'make' an iPad, but make a custom LED lamp, a vacuum tube stereo or an 'oscilloscope clock', things that are practical to make and modify in the home workshop or lab.
    So, many of us choose to play with the technologies and methods of times past for our own enjoyment. Today can be "the good old days", where craftsmanship and individual preference means something more than the color of the plastic casing, if you will only build something for yourself with your own hands. Imagine the satisfaction from that. Perhaps you already do this, but not yet with electronics. Welcome to a new and interesting world. Make things better! It does not matter what, just make it!

    Check out cafepress.com where you can get your very own Bunker of DOOM stuff.
    We don't make anything from it, we just thought it would be fun to fuse industrial warning symbols with inexpensive goods!

    That's right! Stickers, Caps, Patches, Notebooks, Coffee Mugs, throw pillows, pajamas, etc. with your favorite symbols!

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    Check out cafepress.com where you can get your very own Bunker of DOOM stuff!
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    SSG Jankowiak is honored to have served as C4I NCO in the Texas State Guard 19th Regiment, Dallas, Texas for nine years.
    bunkerofdoom.com is pleased to engage the technical services of the former SSG Jankowiak.

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    Although we have had some colorful 'fun' with this Plain Language notice, we are serious about the policy reflected herin, especially about preventing copyright infringement and avoiding adult material, and will make the effort to take care of problems without causing a fuss.

    Hey all you collectors of outdated tech: What about expired copyrights? There is a lot of cool old stuff here that other people made!

    Here is the straight story as we non-lawyers understand it: For reading material published from the beginning of time through 50 years ago with copyright notice but copyright was not renewed, the material is in the public domain due to copyright expiration. from http://www.copyright.cornell.edu/resources/publicdomain.cfm

  • Anything copyrighted prior to 1923 is in the public domain. (Practically speaking, this includes anything published prior to 1923, since publication without copyright put the work straight into the public domain. But note this possible exception in some western states for some 1909-1922 foreign works that were not published in the US before 1923.) Due to a 20-year copyright extension enacted in the US in 1998, copyrights from 1923 or later that are still in force will stay in effect through 2018 or longer.
  • Certain works copyrighted in 1923 or later may already have entered the public domain. In particular, works published in the US before 1989 without proper copyright notice, and works published in the US before 1964 whose copyrights were not renewed, may have entered the public domain. However, works from 1923 or later that were originally published in countries outside the US may still be copyrighted regardless of whether they were printed with proper notice or renewed. To research whether a book's copyright has been renewed, or needed to be renewed, see this article.
  • Works never published prior to 2003 (and never registered for copyright prior to 1978) are now in the public domain in the US if they are by authors who died more than 70 years before the most recent New Year's day. (For 2014, this means authors who died before 1944.) Although this new rule does not put any previously published material into the public domain, it may allow some long-lost manuscripts and collections of letters to be published online as "new" online books.
  • - - We understand this to mean that volumes, published 50 years ago or before, are not any longer copyrighted unless the copyright was renewed. As of 2014, this would mean the above referenced date of 1964. The Cornell University copyright chart site contains links to the University of Pennsylvania which suggests that the way to check for a copyright on a book is to check this resource maintained by University pf Pennsylvania: http://onlinebooks.library.upenn.edu/cce/. Those institutions are not 'for' copyright infringement and neither is bunkerofdoom.com and its staff.

    Bunkerofdoom.com in no way purports to offer legal advice but it will remove infringing material when such are brought to the attention of the adminstrator along with proof of copyright ownership (proof of copyright ownership gives one the right to complain and will certainly speed things up). Proof of copyright ownership is important. That's a standard policy use by big business all over the web so if their lawyers thought it up it's good enough.

    Lastly some opinion: The interested person will see many unexpected circumstances surrounding copyrights. For example, an individual bought the entire stock of Heathkit manuals from that once great but now sadly defunct company, and there is even a receipt for this to be searched for publicly online, but nowhere therein does it indicate a transfer of copyright ownership. In spite of this possibly-botched transaction, the individual goes about asserting rights that do not appear to be supported by accessible documentation.

    This has caused annoyances on the itnernet between the manual purchaser who wishes to profit from his purhase by selling copies, and webmasters and site contributors who see no evidence of existing copyright on various heathkit manuals and wish to freely provide the material for hobbyists. The reader will note that the one "Heathkit" manual here is for a kit "Bell and Howell" oscilloscope, but the aforementioned person can not bother us in any way for heathkit-supplied "Bell and Howell brand" kit equipment.

    Can we put online all of our scanned Heathkit manuals with impunity and blow this person off? Yes. We choose not to publish them because there are still thousands of paper copies and electronic services offering those manuals for very low prices, and peope who directly contribute in other ways to the technology hobby depend in part for their livelihood on the sale of those paper manuals, including the person who bought the manuals from Heathkit.

    Those materials are readily available and do not meet the site criteria for unusual information. We are not going to intentionally step on someone's $10 sale. For the same reason, users or members here do not scan and publish reproduction manuals they have bought on which the copyright for the original has expired. Paper volumes are important and those business should not be thwarted if we expect to continually have access to nice handy bound copies instead of just 300DPI scans.

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