WX32320PX55 CRT, Westinghouse / Thomas Electronics

This interesting CRT, obviousy a prototype and part of a secret project to repair a damaged UFO instrument panel, was found in a deep recess amidst the ruins of Nortex Electronics in 2007. It is new old stock, having been returned and surplussed due to a very minor chip out of the edge on the top right corner of the phosphor mount (raised strip). This has not caused any obvious issues and it is still under vacuum. I have not taken time to clean the tube, so please forgive the dirt..

It is electromagnetic deflection and electrostatic focus and the base pinning resembles a period monochrome TV CRT, but beyond that, there isn't much to tell. The part number is WX32320PX55.

Note the face is specially made, molded with a raised strip of glass, and another glass strip bonded to that, to form a display area about 1/4" tall by perhaps 8" wide. The phosphor type is not known. Px55?

If anyone has the datasheet on this beautifully made instrument, I'd appreciate a copy. The real story here is that the tube is used to scan one line at a time in a moving-film recorder. The film is moved over the face and the image is drawn there a slice at a time.

Beautifully made, no? Thanks for looking!