Brushy Creek Motor Farm

20 FEB 2005
It wasn't very crowded, so.. took the ATV around the motocross track a bunch of times. Catching air on that 500 Lb. beast is a challenge. It's probably not a real good idea either, it likes to nose-dive. Racing a 4x4 utility ATV is sort of like racing a tractor. Found a muddy spot on the MX track, but 90% of the mud was out in the trails.

Gothic Commando's safety notes:
The M105 military trailer's bed is 36" high, much higher than a pickup truck's. This makes the usual loading ramp, which is about 6' long, assume an angle of about 45 degrees. When loading onto a high bed, drive the ATV up the ramp (very) slowly and lean forward fully unless you want to go up the 45 degree ramp on the rear wheels alone. 45 degrees is bordering on an unsafe angle of approach/departure for a utility 4x4. Time for a longer ramp.

MX track Contonement area loose nut on dangerous machinery
GC and 4x4 in M105 trailer The whole rig high resolution
hitch detail high resolution Were's the Truck Wash at?

Human Participants:
* Gothic Commando / SGT PJ
* Red Dragon

Mechanical Participants
* M35A2 truck
* M105 trailer
* Yamaha Wolverine