Rocky Ridge 09 april 2005

Ok so I had to go by myself because all my friends wussed out, but I did complete the GPS data for the aerial map and got some representative images. Since I had no one to slow me down (or outrun me on 2-wheelers), I really pushed the limit on the ATV, got it jammed and stuck a few times, almost turned it over a few times, found the most fun trails with all the rocks.. they don't call it Rocky ridge for nothing!
Shot from the top of the dam, looking at the 200 yard dragstrip. The lake is on the other side of the dam. If it's rained, there is a good mud pit at the far end.
For scale, here's a video of some riders on the dragstrip. Detail: you are going to eat dust, and goggles are necessary unless you like to ride with your eyes shut! (hey maybe some people are that good, but..)
Found some cactus out there. Saw it only along the rocky trails on the ridge across the lake, on the side opposite the dam.
Here's an easy crossing. They range from simple to probably impossible.
video of some riders playing on the multiple hill climb
view from the dam of the multiple hill climb (that's my name for it, I don't know if it has a real name) There's a few rocks at the top. The lake would be offscreen to the left.
more rocky tree trails, some are overgrown.. what, nobody likes the rocks??
View from the southwest ridge, across the lake. You can barely see the dam in the image. The edge of the ridge slopes down about 40' to the camping area/lake shoreline. the slope is too steep in most places, but there are a couple roads and trails.
along the creek to the west of the lake.
crossing the creek to the west of the lake -the bed is mostly gravel here. Further back, out of sight up the opposite bank, is the perimiter, so what you have is room to turn around and go through the creek again.
I found this rock.
the rock.. what the pics don't show is the other rear wheel of the ATV is against another rock -so it's pretty much stuck. I had to work at this one a little.
rocks and rocks
since you're probably bored by now, Here's a picture of an outhouse. Beavis & Butthead once said, "Ya know, when things get boring and start to suck, just throw a toilet out there.."
There are several places where walls have been built up. On the other side, is pretty much a drop off..