ATV Riding at Lake Murray, OK DEC 26 2005

Cottages are for rent near the lodge, or you can tent/RV camp at the ORV area. If you camp at the ORV area, you can ride at night.
We didn't try anything extreme here this time, no spectacular pictures.. just checking it out, and looking for old unused trails. Lake Murray is a great place with lots of banked and twisted trails in the woods and plenty of sand. Stumps, low branches, and other surprises on some of the trails make a challenge if you want to turn up the wick.
You can rent a cottage at the lake. These are pretty nice, equipped like a hotel suite but pretty rustic otherwise. This one had: shower/toilet, main room w/couch/bed, alarm clock, cable TV, bedroom with 2 beds, kitchen with sink, table, fridge, stove, and also had a fireplace. It was a great bargain for $68/night.
It seemed like there was plenty of parking, but the slot is for both cottages, so leave some room for the neighbors.
2002 Yamaha Wolverine. The 4WD and winch came in handy a few times.
1985 Honda FOURTRAX with original tires
The new 250 is an evil rocket. It's light and powerful.
Not sure exactly what happened, nothing but fun here!
Testing the shore line. It drops off pretty quick.
Testing the shore line.
Testing the shore line.
Obligatory group picture..
We watched this for about a half hour.. Bigger is not always better, especially when it's buried in the mud.
Still stuck.
Had to winch this one out of there also -a good case for a 4x4 ATV.