Shady Grove Motocross, June 6, 2009

2205 E Irving Blvd, Irving TX


Shady Grove is an old wrecking yard that's been cleaned out (don't worry there's no debris on the trails or next to them - it really has been cleaned up). There are a few miles of twisting and turning trails there as well at tabletop and non-table jumps, a few vicious whoops and plenty of challenges for most experience levels and it's good for ATVs and dirt bikes due to a wide variety of landscape. Some of the back trails are narrow, so there is or should be a direction indication. The people that run it are nice and there is a stand for 50 cents cold drinks. 972-579-1319. I took some random pics while resting between rides.. The few videos here are real short - just some people catching air. They are good to study in slow motion for landing etc.

100_7753.jpg 100_7757.jpg 100_7760.jpg 100_7761.jpg
100_7762.jpg 100_7763.jpg
Low flying aircraft..
320x240 MOV video of a jump
640x480 MOV video of a jump
640x480 MOV video of a jump
640x480 MOV video of a jump
640x480 MOV video of a jump

Aerial photo - This image is old and shows the place looking as if stripped of most vegetation. The park boundaries are basically everything shown south of Irving Boulevard, although there are probably some area to the left there that are not for riding.. It's pretty obvious where the trails are. To me it seemed there were more small trails that don't show up here but maybe it was the 6FT tall vegetation along the trails that gave me that impression. I reccommend this location for those in Dallas who just want to throw on some gear and ride without the hassles of 2-4 hour drives.