Civil Defense Day

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November 1, 2007

Field events are crucial for everyone as we practice disaster preparedness skills and try out new methods and equipment. Even though camping is a fun family activity, it also helps us learn what works and what doesn’t when the need to live away from our homes is not by choice.

Many of us that have been through disasters from the standpoint of providing aid realize that in times of crisis, making a field environment feel and operate somewhat like home relieves stress and anxiety. The better one prepares the better a family can exist long term in times of displacement and long term sheltering away from home.

Most people will choose to evac to shelters. Having worked mass care shelters and seen them from from the inside, I'd rather not resort to that unless there were no remaining options.

There's a great publication from FEMA you can get titled "Are You Ready?". Here's a local copy of it (caution - 21 megabytes!), but always go to the FEMA website for the most updated information and fast download. Besides the publication, there is much, much more available there.