Cats of the Porch

We feed them because they are hungry. It's very sad how people abandon their animals. Those people who throw away their animals are themselves worthless and miserable creatures. Most of these abandoned or wild animals do not live past 3 or 4 years outside. There have been as many as 22 and as few as 2 of these feral cats enjoying my hospitality at different times. Mookie is the smallest runt kitten in the last picture. She's an indoor cat now and of course we cannot save all these animals, or take them all in. She was lucky we had a 'vacany' due to Kitty's passing away.

Midnight.jpg outcats_20041013A.JPG outcats_20041013B.JPG
porch_cats_20040322_0.jpg porch_cats_2004_0.jpg porch_cats_kittens_mookie_0.jpg