Megatek CAD Terminal (TEK VT4014/4019 emulation)

The 'poor man's Tektronix' CAD terminal.

100_0140.jpg 100_0141.jpg 100_0141c.jpg 100_0142.jpg

In the first image, the CRT looks like it is not in good shape. That's not the case, it's just dirty. You can tell be looking at the lower right corner, where someone's finger smudged the dirt off the glass. We have no idea how this thing is supposed to be used, except that it is for older VAX and UNIX machines in a CAD environment. I've been told it takes commands in a special terminal language to make it draw pictures. It's supposed to communicate and work just like a Tektronix 4014. The terminal consists of a small base with the electronics, and a CRT display, both of which say "Megatek" on them. The CRT appears to be a 19". There is also a keyboard and a tech manual. The tech manual bears an incription "making history out of the state of the art". It seems to have done that very well, since it is about 20 years old!