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OpenVMS versus Win2K3 Server naked on the Wild Wicked Web.


Have a nice day!

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Unwanted Attentions

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VMS will be there

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I've been running a VMS Hobbyist system for several years. It's always been used as a webserver, catering to certain recondite interests. Of late, a friend asked if he could co-locate his win2003 server in the Bunker, seeing as I had a few spare IP addresses.

Once the windows machine was up and running and the networking was set up, the guys took a break. The head WinGeek in charge went home to remotely login and finish up, set up the webserver, etc etc.. Meanwhile, back in the lights-out datacenter, the Sniffer lit up its CRT with a most hellish tattoo! Poor windows! Pillage! Loot! Plunder!! Wailing! Gnashing of teeth! The Worm that never dies!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

1. Enjoy the cheezy videos.

2. Go getcha VMS for yer hobbyist (non-commercial) webserver.

You may take and show these amusing videos for noncommerical purposes freely at work and home, but may not charge to exhibit them nor rent nor sell them without permission. The material is copyright 2006 Patrick Jankowiak.