Victor 9000 -An Early Personal Computer

The Victor 9000 can run CP/M or DOS. Standard was an internal speaker, 12" green text CRT, two serial ports, and a parallel port. Many of the functions in this computer are software-defined, including audio CODECs. Some were shipped with two floppy drives. These speciments have a full-height 10MB HDD and one 5.25" 1.2MB floppy disk. The disk is the same media as a 360K "IBM" diskette. The extra capacity is made available through a variable-speed spindle which, by slowing down a bit for each track allowed the equivalent of an increasing number of 'sectors' as the heads progressed toward the outer diameter of the disk.

Booting from floppy diskette
booting from the hard disk. In this case, the disk is partitioned into four logical drives.
wallpaper 1280x1024
victor9000s.jpg victor_crt1.jpg
showing how the CRT looks
this one needs a touch-up. The controls are inside.