CAA (FAA) TV-15 VHF Transmitter

another recycle for good: "rescue, rebuild, re-purpose!"


I'm told these can be put on the 144-148MHz amateur radio band without too much trouble. The tube lineup is 6AU6, 12AX7, 5763, 2E26, 6146, 4X150. Oprating at 500-1000V, this could pack quite a punch. High quality gear made for Uncle Sam. Looking at the images, that's not soot. It's tarnish on the silver-plated surfaces.Near the smaller tubes, the crystal oven can be seen in the lower left corner.

100_7480.jpg 100_7483.jpg 100_7486.jpg
100_7488.jpg 100_7489.jpg 100_7490.jpg
100_7491.jpg 100_7492.jpg 100_7495.jpg