Ham-Com 2009


Ham-Com 2009 was as expected, an interesting mix of radio gear and parts and junque. There was as usual a decently clear line between those who actually wanted to sell their wares and those who had priced them for the canonical eBay top bidder. Some haggling is always in order. Also, the usual one or two greedy sellers who say everything works but cross their fingers, hehe.. Well most people know who they are and I'm not certainly not going to throw the first stone. In the final analysis, there were alot of great deals to be had, fine people to meet, excellent stuff to look at, great commercial vendors, and the attendance could have been better. Many thanks to the local ham club and the city of Plano. All images © KD5OEI. You may use them for any non-commercial purpose.

Indoor flea market and commercial vendor area

Outdoor Tailgate swap meet area