Ham-Com 2009

Outside Tailgate

The real action at any hamfest is the tailgate area. Upon arrival, before I could even set up, the buzzards descended. Apparently I had brought the only plate transformer at the entire event, beause it immediately sold for my asking price, even though it was only rated 2KVA. The spreadsheet charts I made from data taken from Duncan Amps' PSUD II power supply simulator may have helped..

I saw no other iron of any decent size at the whole event (unless you count rack cabinets and repeaters), and no modulation iron. If there were any HV chokes, I missed them too. Only a few measly 2500V high voltage capacitors and one box of BC-style coils. There were enough tubes, many kinds, but strangely not many loose solid state parts. Alot of test gear and stuff.

The overall impression of the tailgate area was excellent! many interesting items, plenty of test gear and boatanchors, alot of junk to dig through, "Bring out your dead!".. and in most cases, better deals than inside. It was hot, about 100 degrees, and the very high humidity pervaded, making it as bad in the shade. Lots of water-drinking, some gatorade or reasonable facsimile. Very interesting people and conversations, many YLs, XYLs.

Click on the picture for the full size one. Most of the large pictures here were left at full resolution, so give them a couple seconds to load up.

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