The Hoard II

Another hoard of classical electronics
Please don't ask who or where. A generously provided and extremely vague clue is the first image. It is impossibly vague. Actually I just included the image because I like the name of the store. It's on the way to this hoard, Hoard II.
Sorry for some of the pictures not being well-taken. I had onlythe cellphone camera and little time. Even though some of them are blurred, those who know these items will not be mistaken as to what was seen.


pic-0095.jpg pic-0096.jpg
Gates 250
pic-0097.jpg pic-0098.jpg pic-0099.jpg
German rig? On top are single channel SSB receivers.
Those silver "Scott" shortwave radio chassis among other things.
pic-0101.jpg pic-0102.jpg A gentleman's stereo speaker, one channel. pic-0103.jpg
German Navy 800W final for transmitter.
pic-0105.jpg A large test console- -all build into one - hickok?
pic-0106.jpg pic-0107.jpg pic-0108.jpg pic-0109.jpg pic-0110.jpg
pic-0111.jpg pic-0112.jpg pic-0113.jpg pic-0114.jpg pic-0116.jpg
pic-0117.jpg pic-0118.jpg pic-0119.jpg pic-0120.jpg pic-0121.jpg
high band VHF AM transmitter, 807 modulators, could be put on 2M. drawers are top to bottom: RF final (829?), RF exciter, modulator, power supply. All slide out nicely for working.
nameplate for the above mentioned transmitter.
part of Air Force cold war console. Wraps around - other secions out of sight.
pic-0124.jpg pic-0125.jpg pic-0126.jpg
20KV insulated filament transformers - for 8020's I believe. 5V 3A per.
pic-0127.jpg pic-0128.jpg
some kind of special custom built R-390 set. probably 1 or 2 of a kind.
pic-0129.jpg pic-0130.jpg pic-0131.jpg
audio spectrum analyzer and signal generators - Panoramic make.
Simpson or Weston? calibration test set for VOMs and VTVMs.
Collins pre war transmitter. extremely rare.
pic-0134.jpg pic-0136.jpg pic-0137.jpg
HF receivers from TMC, with the plug in frequency range tuners.
pic-0138.jpg pic-0141.jpg pic-0142.jpg
I was told this is a luftwaffe slotted line. How it came to be in the USA - who can say?
pic-0144.jpg pic-0145.jpg
Hallicrafters HT-9, two pieces.
Marconi spark transmitter transformers - 12.5KV, 2.5A
pic-0147.jpg pic-0148.jpg pic-0149.jpg
I came home with this stuff. The radar was bought from another party.
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