some stuff at an estate

do not ask - it is gone.

24 hr clock runs on AA cell
tilt-over pole appx 35FT with 2M beam and rotor
2m_pole_2.jpg 2m_pole_3.jpg
2mbeam.jpg a_bell_c514t.jpg
2KW Low pass filter
2KW Low pass filter
Autek Research WM1 Computing Meter (auto-adjusting) with remote sensor
Bencher 2-paddle bug and old straight key given by railroad upon retirement. There is another old straight key in the workshop.
massive tilt-over base for Rohn 20 tower.
big20tilt_2.jpg big20tilt_3.jpg
For scale with 12EE motorcycle boot
big20tilt_4.jpg bw594.jpg
B&W 594 antenna switch, connects ports A-1, B-2 or A-2, B-1. Like an =X, reversing, or crossover. many use it to switch a dummy load in or out. 1KW
B&W 595 antenna switch will six antennas to one radio, and will ground all of the unused antennas. 1KW
Two CDE Ham IV rotators
CDE Ham IV controller
CDE Ham IV controller
CDE Ham IV controller
AC line voltage adjuster, input 100-125V 50-60Hz, output 85-150V via tapped switch at 500 Watts. Best for setting the usual 125V line volts to 115-117 for older tube gear, especially classic receivers.
30A battery charger for 5-8 cells, or 10-18V batteries. For 12V car or motorcycle battery. rugged industrial unit. input 120 or 240VAC.
Dentron model R2 wattmeter with remote sensor. 0-200 reflected, 0-200-2000 forward.
eto_alpha374.jpg ETO Alpha 374 linear amplifier. bandpass type "no-tune" on ham bands, manually tunable for alternate use or difficult loads. Three 8874 (each 400W dissipation, 3CX400A7) tubes so ought to be a real beast on the air. fluke_d800.jpg
professional digital voltmeter
some huge beams on a tower. Tower is made of tubular steel and appears to be one piece, possibly two, about 30-40FT tall, with rotor. Base has small tree entangled in tower. Not damaged, tree will have to be sawed through, 3" trunk, will be some work.
hf_beam_tower1.jpg hf_beam_tower2.jpg ic_251a.jpg Icom IC-251A 2M rig. comes on but display is all "8's", as in 888.888888. unknown fix, maybe logic regulator. makes noises and behaves as though radio part is working.
Icom IC-275 HF xcvr, intermittent DC power, will work then go dead. Receives well. Maybe bad connection to power, otherwise power is solid. The switches for KHZ MHZ Band Lock are very dirty and don't release right causing difficulty to operate.
Icom IC-735 HF XCVR, SSB(A3J), CW(A1), FM(F3), AM(A3) . Receives well. , one lamp out on display, RF power setting (control behind front door) seems to be max all time. otherwise seems to work OK. bands opened. Seems to draw too much power from the 12V supply and makes it "limit", but I was not able to investigate that. I think the issue is possibly the voltage setting on the supply (low) because of the way it acted.
Icom IC-735 HF XCVR this one seems to work OK. Receives well. SSB(A3J), CW(A1), FM(F3), AM(A3). bands opened. Seems to draw too much power from the 12V supply and makes it "limit", but I was not able to investigate that. I think the issue is possibly the voltage setting on the supply (low) because of the way it acted.
Icom IC-737 HF XCVR, SSB(A3J), CW(A1), FM(F3), AM(A3). Receives well. One lamp out on display, RF power setting (control on front panel) seems to be max all time. otherwise seems to work OK. bands opened. Seems to draw too much power from the 12V supply and makes it "limit", but I was not able to investigate that. I think the issue is possibly the voltage setting on the supply (low) because of the way it acted.
Icom IC-2KL linear amplifier, 500 watts, 10-160M, solid state. Automatic bandswitching when used with Icom HF radio IC-737 or 735. Uses IC-2KLPS power supply next..
Icom IC-2KLPS power supply 40VDC 23A high efficiency switching power supply.
Icom IC-AT500 automatic antenna tuner, used with Icom IC-2KL linear amp. Automatic bandswitching and tuning when used with Icom linear amp and Icom radio. 500W rating.
Looks like a new-in-plastic-wrapping Icom IC-AT500 automatic antenna tuner that has been sitting around a while. Odd but that is what it looks like.
rear panel of the tuner in plasic.
JW Miller AT 2500 automatic antenna tuner. Seems to work, knobs turn by themselves when RF applied and "Tune" pushed, but was not able to really test because the antenna cables removed from entry to the house already. Rated 2500W.
Kenwood TM-221A 2M mobile rig. came on, not way to test further. Also 90 watt 2M mobile amp. Amp was sitting in shelf in carport, so explains the appearance and cobwebs! The radio was in the house so it is only dirty.
MFJ MFJ-202 noise bridge
MFJ-941B manual tuner. 300W. Has tapped coil, no worries with roler inductors.
AEA "Advanced Electronic Applications, Inc." MorseMatic memory keyer. Can send CQ's or messages, or station ID for you at touch of button. Also does beacon keying.
Radio Shack DSP for radio communications listening, removes noise from headphones. Model 41-253
Classical RCA 22" round CRT color TV by RCA. Knobs seem to be in desk drawer in the same room.
Simpson 260 analog meter. Ohms adjust knob missing or broken. This is fixable though.
antenna rotor for TV or 440/2M/small 6M beam antenna. There is a controller.
beam antenna for HF bands.
crank-up TV tower with antenna and rotor. looks like about 8-10" on a side and 25-30 FT total height when extended. Winch is shot but ther are a couple extras in the carport.
tv_tower_2.jpg tv_tower_3.jpg vbc_model300.jpg NBVM baseband tranceiver VBC model 3000. This is a speech processor that contesters use. from the WWW: "The voice audio is amplified as need then bandwidth-limited to 2500 Hz. This signal is split into two components. Vowel sounds are selected out ( 500 Hz - Low Pass) and consonant sounds (1500 Hz to 2200 Hz - Bandpass). The consonant sounds are used to modulate a carrier to produce an output consisting of frequency translated and inverted voice compnents (600 Hz to 1600 Hz inverted - LSB) and summed with the vowel sounds. Now we have the vowel sounds to 500 Hz and the consonant sounds inverted in frequency 1600 Hz to 600 Hz. Reducing bandwidth by 50% and improving SNR. To recieve is just the opposite process."
multiband vertical antenna seems in good shape. About 15-20FT tall.
vert2.jpg vista_rm_50.jpg
12V adjustable 50 amp DC power supply.
12V 15A DC power supply.
looks new in box, a balun W2AU model I1 with lightning arrestor built in. with manual.
The fuller spool is RG-213. Has been outside but I think if the first 20FT or so were cut off the rest would be as new. There are many piles and coils of wire here. Also in this pic, more HF beam elements.
6 section HBX tower with X braces. Easily removed as is correctly bolted to proper mount in ground.
xtower3.jpg xtower4.jpg

That's it.