Patrick Jankowiak's RCA BTA-250L AM Broadcast Transmitter

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This fine specimen is from WDHR in Pikeville, Kentucky. A road trip from Dallas, Texas was made to the studio and transmitter site on top of a hill (In Texas we would consider that 'hill' to be a 'mountain') in Kentucky to purchase the transmitter. I would like to thank the fine people of WDHR, especially Paul Manuel, for making it possible to give the transmitter a new home as well as rounding up tons of spares for it, and many thanks to my good friend Scott Stigers, for helping me drive the 2200 miles round trip to pick it up, and putting up with my B.S., and fellow Texas State Guard members Tom Rigsby and Dan Howard, for helping me get the beast out of the truck, and into the lab. It will be retuned from 1240KHZ to a frequency in the 160-meter amateur radio band.
Manual for RCA BTA-250L
Schematic for RCA 1-K transmitter, including the 'exciter' -the BTA-250K
I present a few impromptu photos, taken just after we got it into the lab.
pj_bta_250l_435f.jpg pj_bta_250l_437f.jpg
pj_bta_250l_438f.jpg pj_bta_250l_439f.jpg

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