Link low-band FM VHF base stations

About the manuals: I was fortunate enough to obtain a Link 250-UFS low-band VHF FM base station along with manuals. Although the manuals were complete, they were very yellowed, and on the verge of disintegration. The best attempt has been made to electronically clean them up, and they are quite usable. The HTML version is composed of 900 pixel wide images, and is good for reading online. If you want a high quality print, download the PDF versions which are about 2500 pixels wide (300DPI). Note the large file sizes. This connection is 300KbpS, so be prepared to wait a bit..
I am not affiliated with the Link Radio Corporation. This material has been posted for historical purposes, lest we forget a Great American Company. Ahh.. when men were men, trucks were trucks, and a 2-way radio was not some little toy appliance you stick in your pocket..
Are you now, or have you ever been, a Link user?

HTML Manual - View Online!
300DPI PDF Manual (-23MB download, 12 minutes @ 300KbpS-)
50-UFS VHF base station
HTML Manual - View Online!
300DPI PDF Manual (-40MB download, 22 minutes @ 300KbpS-)
250-UFS VHF base station