KD5OEI Ham Radio Images FEB 02 2006

Getting things in order. We will have order! Slowly things are taking shape here.

The Lineup (mono)
The Lineup
RCA BTA-250L for 160M
250W carrier for AM
RCA Badge
Tucker KW+ for 80-10
1KW carrier for AM. Ex "Texas State Guard" transmitter from 1957. Can be easily reigned in for ham use.
Link 250-UFS tranceiver for 6M FM. Old police transmitter converted to ham use.
Link PA stage with 250TH
Link 50-watt transmiter model 50-UFS as driver in this model uses two 807's
Link Edition 7 receiver
Link Power supply for 50-UFS uses two 816's.
Link control system for tranceiver
Link 2000V power supply for PA stage
Harris RF-301 continuously covers HF in SSB, ISB, DSB, FSK, AM, several voice and data modes. 1500W PEP.
Part of 3-rack operating console. CCTV (small portion of the security system required in any modern Bunker of DOOM), 30W Stromberg-Carlson audio amp to drive the Tucker's modulator, EQ to limit audio response to the minimum bandwidth required, and CBS Volumax compressor to keep modulating levels constant. The EQ and compressor will be used with the RCA and Tucker transmitters. Maybe with the Link, testing to be done to see if the deviation is effectively limited that way. The rest of this rack will need a computer for SSTV and PSK31, as well as a mike preamp, Rf switches for the antenna, controls for the balanced-balanced tuner, and whatever other Doo-Dads, thingies, and Hooter-McGrooter deals are deemed necessary.
Stromberg-Carlson HiFi amp is really beautiful, and very low distortion and output impedance for driving the Tucker's 3-500Z modulator tubes. Probably will be modified for cahode feedback to improve output stage linearity further.
CBS Volumax 400 modulation limiter
Left: HF receivers: two R-390A, and two Racal RA6217. Above are Magnecord 10W/CH audio monitors with dual push-pull 6AQ5 output amplifiers for quality listening. Both channels of each unit share the speaker through a resistive network, but there are 4-8-16-500 ohm terminals on the back for hi-fi speakers if desired. Still lots of good programs on the shortwave to isten to.
Right: Nems-Clarke surveillance receiver covering 45-900MHz, and below a pair of R-220/URR receivers for 25-200 MHz. The Nems-clarke has its own speaker, and the R-220's are served by a Magnecord amp.
Racal RA-6217 receivers, and a VLF converter.
Test picture
Test picture
One of the R-220/URR's was modified to R-644/URR. Not sure what that means..
FA-8190 20W VHF air band tranceiver. Need mike.. Not so much to talk to anyone, but for completeness.