Zygo Dual-Axis Plane Interferometer

Precision measurement of moving distance

interferometer receivers (see the interfered beam)
beamsplitter and mirrors
Zygo laser
100_7140.jpg 100_7141.jpg 100_7142.jpg 100_7144.jpg

This system was removed from an XRL laser trimmer. It was used to accurately position the cutting head over the work. This one is actually two interferometers, with the beamsplitter and fixed reflector (retroreflector) integrated into the interferometer optic itself. The beamsplitter shown among the mirrors was used to split the beam from the precisionlaser helium-neon head into two beams, one for each interferometer, and then the return beams were measured with the receivers shown. There is enough of the other system components here (mounts, etc) to actually use it if one has a table. The position accuracy of the overall machine using this system was some 350nm. Not shown is the cable from the laser head to its power source (120VAC), but I have that and the adapter pigtail as well. I do not have the electronic comparator boards, but they were very proprietary to the XRL. It would not be difficult for an experimenter to make up the backend of this system. The weighty manuals are also present.