Lockheed LCEHV and Aquila Films

Lockheed LCEHV and Aquila Films

When funds become available, these two rare films will be restored to proper color and transcribed to high resolution uncompressed files and media.

The super-8 continuous loop films are in cartridges and can only be shown on a specific type of projector and it is not in the best optical condition. The films will have to be removed from the cartridges and run through a restoration process.

For now, the films have been projected in their player and recorded by a digital camera. 640x480 AVI file format versions are available for download. They don't do the material justice but they are still 100% worth watching and have not likely been seen in over 30 years, and even then by only a few select individuals.

LCEHV and early MQM-105 Aquila development film shows the state of the programs in Januatry-February 1977.

  • The LCEHV (Low Cost Expendable Harassment Vehicle) is a mini RPV designed to harass opposing forces.
  • The Aquila is designed as a laser designator drone.

    It is believed that it during this 1977 time frame that the early Aquila platform performed the design validation flights shown in this video.
    download 106MB file

    Aquila demo film.

    It is not known what date this film was made, but it highlights each detail of the Aquila's successful mission demonstration cumulating with the destruction of a tank by a laser guided projectile.
    download 58MB file