Lambda C-481M and C-281M Power Supplies

C-481M Specimen, horribly uncared for, filty and rusted, and it still works great.

I give my solemn word as both an electronics technician and an engineer that it worked when we plugged it in. (after doing some safety checks of course!)

This is a tribute to the very high quality of the Lamba power supply product.

The unit had lain for over 20 years in the attic of a 100+ year old house with holes in the roof and both mice and rats, and there was also a mud dauber nest inside the unit.

An elderly widow lived there in the decaying old mansion, God bless her. The only thing that kept the rodents somewhat at bay in the once fine old home was a family of cats living with her in the house, who, as cats will, favored both attic and cellar for their crepuscular entertainments. A mutually beneficial friendship. A well-fed cat has plenty of energy to hunt and destroy vermin and will do so for its own sport.

So, the power supply has been rescued and found its way to my apprentice, and thus to my workshop for inspection.

The cats are safe as well, having been moved to the new home in which the lady now resides. The old house is being restored by a younger family. Hope they have cats too. And if they ever need a power supply, I think it is pretty clear which brand they ought to choose!

This is a truly happy story, a rare gem and shining beacon of hope in today's often uncaring world.

Serial Number Tag of Specimen C-481M Nr. B33132. What a story it might tell.

Model C-481M Schematic Diagram

Model C-281 Manual will serve for any work and is indicative of several models.

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