Scott SLR-M Marine Receiver


Better quality schematic

Power supply voltage scheme

Some interesting features:

  • Designed to prvent local oscillator leakage back through the antenna connector.
  • Push-Pull 25L6 output stage with oversized 4400 Ohm 80mA transformer giving undistorted 1.5W.
  • External 60/200/300/600 Ohm load and/or internal 4 Ohm 5" speaker @ 500mW.
  • 60 Ohm output terminals voltage level is constant for loads from 60-600 Ohms.
  • 100mW delivered to 600 Ohm headset.
  • 115V AC or DC operation, 0.62A / 78 Watts.
  • Grounding line cord for safety.
  • Twelve Octal tubes including 'eye' tube.
  • High impedance 'phono' input.
  • BFO for CW that also works well for later SSB and DSB modes.
  • R.F. amp and two I.F. amp stages with selectivity control and noise limiter.
  • Heaviest AC-DC set known @ 55 Lbs (25Kg). Shock mounting base.
  • 18" (457.2mm) wide, 19.25" (489mm) deep. 12 19/32" (319.9mm) tall.plate