Heath Model # 100-203-31
Bell & Howell # Model 9560-1
5 Inch Triggered Sweep Oscilloscope Kit

This scope is a kit designed to be built by the student as part of a course in electronics. For this reason, the scopes are found but the schematic and alignment manuals are often missing. The relevant parts have been scanned. Note the schematic is about 5030x3328. It might be best to "save as" and open it outside a web browser. It is best printed on an 11x17 sheet. Title pages have been inserted in the page order to differentiate the transitions between different equipment sections of the documentation. The partial manual here also includes the circuit descriptions. This may be interesting to those wishing to understand how a solid state CRT-based oscilloscope works.

000000001.jpg 000000002.jpg 0000cover.jpg 0000vertamp.jpg 111.jpg
112.jpg 113.jpg 114.jpg 115.jpg 117.jpg
118.jpg 119.jpg 121.jpg 121a.jpg 122.jpg
210.jpg 211.jpg 213.jpg 214.jpg 24zz.jpg
25.jpg 26.jpg 27.jpg 28.jpg 29.jpg
343.jpg 344.jpg 345.jpg 346.jpg 347.jpg
348.jpg 349.jpg 350.jpg 353b.jpg 353c.jpg
365.jpg 366.jpg 367.jpg 368.jpg 369.jpg
370.jpg 371a.jpg 371b.jpg 372.jpg 372c.jpg
373.jpg 374.jpg 375.jpg 376.jpg 377.jpg
378.jpg 379.jpg 4bellandhowellscope.jpg 4bellandhowellscope90.jpg

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