1944 Radio Amateur's Hanbook, 21st. Edition

Not a perfect job on this one due to the automation available but you can sure see everything. The Advertisement section is included in color in the file, and it is also available separately at 300DPI 24-bit colorfor those who like the artwork of the day a little too much.

An interesting thing about the ARRL Handbooks from the 1940's is that during WWII, American amateur operators were forbidden to transmit. They were, however, encouraged to monitor, and could participate (transmit) in the WERS (War Emergency Radio Service). Transmitting priveleges were suspended during the war to reduce the chance of spies being able to comunicate by radio undetected. It was difficult to hide secret transmissions with everyone including the hams throughout the country listening and no one talking except for official business. There is a large chapter devoted to WERS including how the service worked and home construction of VHF and UHF equipment for the service. The equipment mostly operated on the 112, 224, and 400MHz amateur bands and was intended for short range Civil Defense functions.


  • Scan courtesy of KD5OEI
  • OCR and file processing courtesy of N8UH
  • The index at the back is missing as are the covers. The poor old book had been well-enjoyed and was falling apart after 67 years.
  • Per communications with the ARRL's on August 15, 2011, the copyright is expired. Thanks to the ARRL for creating new and modernized handbooks every year even to the present day.
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