VC-100 and VC-200 "Voice Controller"

The Voice Control VC-200 is perhaps one of the rarest and best of all the 1980's "CB radio add-ons". There is also a VC-100 with many similar features and the same case size. It is intended to be used with a legal, unmodified CB radio.
This neat little box can do several fun things, some of which are useful and some of which might be annoying and some of which are illegal to use on the air.

  • It has a speech compressor to give the best "talk power" for your set.
  • It has a monitor function with what they call "talkback", which is continuously variable from zero to 2 watts delivered into the internal or optional external speaker.
  • Echo function with variable time delay and volume. (possibly annoying, but if it is set just right, it can actually help you be heard over the noise.) Unfortunately, only 0.001% of the people using echo know how to set it and leave it alone.
  • "PEE" function - a "roger beep" sort of thing, and there are 8 different choices for this!
  • Mic Mix - allows the user to mix in and fade between the front=panel mike and another audio source. This might be useful with an intercom system in a larger vehicle so another person can talk on the CB too. Most people probably used it to inject music. shame on you!
  • Speaking of music, the VC-200 has eight built-in tunes it can play, yes, over the air.. These are enables by the Melo Select function and the sound pases through the echo IC as well..

    The VC-100 is very similar except that instead of mike mixing and eight each melodies and "roger beep" tones, it has a speech inversion scrambler and two melodies and two "roger beep" tones.

    By now you either hate the very idea of this thing or want very badly to find one. Good Luck. It cost $199 in 1980, but here are the manuals containing all of the little secrets of the VC-100 and VC-200.

    The owners manual for the VC-200
    NOTE: size = 6MB, because the schematic was scanned very well. You will thank me for that when you print it.

    The owners manual for the VC-100
    NOTE: size = 2MB, because the schematic was scanned even better. You will thank me for that when you print it.

    The datasheets for the internal IC chips, since they are not so common.
    The zipfile contains the datasheets, except the M51304L (speech compressor?) which we could not find. If you send a copy, it would be appreciated.

    - in case you find the M51304L datasheet!