Pimp My Ride! - the Ghetto Tank

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Tonight's Headline:

How ghetto culture has ruined a perfectly good FV432 APC..
The "Tomato Sauce Tank"

by Cedric Zool

ghetto tank
ghetto tank
ghetto tank
ghetto tank
ghetto tank
ghetto tank
ghetto tank
ghetto tank
what it is supposed to look like - configured for the GPMG Peak Engineering Turret Role.
what it is supposed to look like
well, it's pretty much ruined. Not a vehicle for a manly man or a real woman any more, nope. For girly-men and pimp-daddys now! The only thing missing is some lime-green silk curtains, blacklight, mystic love incense, couple o' forty's, and maybe a velvet elvis (or your favorite personage)

From: fv432.com -read and see more about this fascinating machine!

"The FV432 Troop Carrier has been very successful and is still in service with the British Army today. There are thirteen variants of the FV432.."

The Bunker of DOOM does not endorse the butchering of a military vehicle except those that our lawful orders allow us to destroy. We don't pimp 'em out though, we just slag 'em with our space-based nuclear-pumped lasers. oops.. shouldn't have said that.. OK, well.. -so that's what we do. Nuttin ya can do about it anway. Got a problem with that? Well? Do ya?

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