Bruce Industries 28V military lights for the M35 Truck

Bruce Industries P/N BR8159-504 clamps onto a vertical rail or block. a heavy-duty rheostat controls the lamp intensity. Wiring exits through a waterproof bushing. The body is aluminum. The lens is a piece of tough plastic mounted in a screw-off gasketed ring.

The lamp assembly is about 24" tall.
For scale. The lamp attaches to the top edge of a vertical support and can accommodate a wide range of thicknesses.
The power cables were cut off on these. The cable is like a 120V power cable in that it has 3 wires: black, white, and green. Black is hot, white and green are bonded to ground inside in this application.
lens unscrews easily to service the lamp. A narrowband red filter such as made from GAM theatrical lighting filter material could be put on the inside of the lens for red or whatever color.
In the M35 truck, the lamp assembly mounts easily to the angle bracket at the driver's door.
completed driver's side installation.
On the passenger side, there is not enough room because the fold-down companion seat is wide. A 1/4" thick amuminum plate was cut and mounted to raise the lamp above the area of interference. In this case, the top of the plate was cut and mounted at an angle, allowing the lamp to be shifted to the outside somewhat. 1/4" bolts hold this plate firmly in place against the many vibrations of the Deuce.
completed passenger side installation.
The surplus lamps were bought from Haney Electronics in Godley, Texas.