Installing commo gear a military truck-mounted shelter

This article describes part of a privately undertaken project for the Texas State Guard, 3rd Battalion, 19th Brigade.
The contact for this project is CPL Patrick Jankowiak

The shelter has now been cleaned, rewired, and painted. Time to get it ready for its ultimate purpose -communication!

The equipment to be installed will include a UHF repeater, two UHF FM tranceivers, two scanners, a GRC106, and RT246, an Alinco DX-70 tranceiver, AM and FM broadcast receivers, a television, and a few other items that will help us to do special work.

The image shows an Aerotron repeater. The unit is self-contained and includes a diplexer and tone squelch system. It is an older unit, but very well made and all-American. Looks like it's going to get a camo paint job..

The image shows the repeater, in O.D. green, with a little brown. So much for the camo. We used the paint on hand at the time.

The image shows the repeater mounted in the shelter, ready to go. The forward side needs a little re-paint, as some of the paint got rubbed off when handling the unit and getting it up on the tabletop.

The image shows inside the repeater, from top to bottom, the diplexer, tone squelch unit, transmitter, receiver, and power supply.

The image shows the GRC106 and RT246 waiting to be mounted.

The image shows the GRC106 and RT246 installed, as well as two scanners, and on the plate between the green radios, one of two UHF GMRS radios. The plate comes down, and attaches as a shelf to the wall, with the UHF radios mounted on it. This leaves the desk area between the GRC and the RT clear for a logbook, and some other gear.