Recruiting Event: MVPA Convention 2002

The Military Vehicle Preservation Association's annual convention provided an opportunity for recruiting. Not only were there many re-enactmentists and military enthusiasts at the event, but there was an impressive display of restored and daily-driver military vehicles. Participation in the recruiting effort was to more than sufficient to allow Troops to be relieved and enjoy the event as well. Our participatrion at the event was due to the generosity of the National MVPA and the Arrowhead (Dallas) Chapter of the MVPA.
Listed in alphabetical order, The following Troops of the 19th Brigade stepped forward to make the recruiting event a success:

CPT Austin
SGT Black
SSG Brandon
PFC Brant
SGT Campbell
SGT Coles
PFC Costa
SSG Diffenderfer
MAJ Hale
SSG Helton
PFC Holland
SGT Howard
CPL Jankowiak
CPL Jenkins
PVT Jenkins
LT Mouser
PVT Palmer
SSG Pence
CPL Sligar

If your name or someone else's is not on this list and it should be, Please contact the webmaster.

Images from the event

mvc-001sz.jpg mvc-002s.jpg mvc-003s.jpg
mvc-004sa.jpg mvc-006sz.jpg

Above: Recruiters at the table and with the public.

mvc-001sd.jpg mvc-002sz.jpg mvc-003sz.jpg mvc-004sz.jpg mvc-005sz.jpg mvc-007sz.jpg
mvc-014sz.jpg mvc-015sz.jpg mvc-016sz.jpg mvc-017sz.jpg mvc-018sz.jpg mvc-019sz.jpg
mvc-022ss.jpg mvc-024sz.jpg mvc-031sa.jpg mvc-032sa.jpg mvc-034s.jpg

Above: The closing ceremonies and awards. More of an old-time USO show at the late hours.

image01.jpg image02.jpg image03.jpg image04.jpg image05.jpg image06.jpg
image08.jpg image09.jpg image10.jpg image11.jpg image12.jpg image13.jpg
image14.jpg image15.jpg image16.jpg image17.jpg image18.jpg image19.jpg
image20.jpg image21.jpg image22.jpg image23.jpg image24.jpg image25.jpg
image26.jpg image27.jpg image28.jpg image29.jpg image30.jpg image31.jpg
image32.jpg image33.jpg image34.jpg image35.jpg image36.jpg image37.jpg
image38.jpg image39.jpg image40.jpg image42.jpg image43.jpg image44.jpg
image45.jpg image46.jpg image47.jpg mvc-001sa.jpg mvc-002sa.jpg mvc-003sa.jpg
mvc-004s.jpg mvc-005s.jpg mvc-006s.jpg mvc-007s.jpg mvc-008s.jpg mvc-009s.jpg
mvc-010s.jpg mvc-011s.jpg mvc-012s.jpg mvc-014s.jpg mvc-015s.jpg mvc-015sa.jpg
mvc-016s.jpg mvc-017s.jpg mvc-017sa.jpg mvc-018s.jpg mvc-018sa.jpg mvc-019s.jpg
mvc-019sa.jpg mvc-020sa.jpg mvc-021s.jpg mvc-021sa.jpg mvc-022s.jpg mvc-022sa.jpg
mvc-023s.jpg mvc-023sa.jpg mvc-023ss.jpg mvc-024sa.jpg mvc-025s.jpg mvc-025sa.jpg
mvc-026s.jpg mvc-026sa.jpg mvc-027s.jpg mvc-028s.jpg

Above: The many vehicles on display.