Special Military Vehicles and Systems

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OSHKOSH Truck Videos

  • ProPulse, a hybrid HEMTT using UltraCapacitors file size 76MB
  • CBT (common bridge transporter) file size 56MB
  • EMM (engineer mission modules -bituminous distributor, concrete mobile, dump body, water distribution module -all transported on the PLS) file size 34MB
  • FRS (forward repair system -heavy) file size 40MB
  • When it's Go Time, let it be Oshkosh -some very cool segments file size 98MB
  • Ship of the desert - a modern day legend, military, suspension, mudding, air transportable, variants file size 152MB
  • HET (heavy equipment transporter system, tank hauling, recovery) file size 100MB
  • HEMTT-LHS with the CHU (container handling system) file size 35MB
  • HEMTT-MFF(flat rack based fuel supply system with PLS) file size 44MB
  • OSHKOSH MTVR (medium duty, offroad, mudding, 15 tons, 7 tons offroad) file size 64MB
  • Oshkosh PLS (mudding, dump body, etc.) file size 23MB

    Stewart&Stevenson Truck Videos

  • FMTV overall video (the Army is transforming.. 6x6 model, MLRS elevation and firing, air transportable, mudding, crane, jumping a dune, appetite for punishment) file size 19MB
  • FMTV short video (towing a trailer and an M35, dump version, jumping a dune, crane, rocket launch) file size 8MB
  • FMTV short video (mudding, cargo version, shop van, w/50 cal., jumping a dune, towing artillery, yellow rescue truck) file size 8MB
  • FMTV-LHS (8 ton ISO cargo handling system) file size 65MB