Big Baby - a.k.a. Butterball

Big Baby (also called Butterball because she's kinda round) loves to be petted and sit next to you. Her tail's missing the very tip so it's a bit short. Once she knows you, just putting your hand down and talking to her will get her rubbing on it and she wants to be petted a lot. Her little round head and body are so cute!

Big Baby (Butterball) Big Baby (Butterball) Big Baby (Butterball) Big Baby (Butterball)
The kind hand! Pet me!

The most thing I want is to cuddle up right beside you on the couch and feel loved and safe. I'm not a scaredy cat but I don't care for those that ambush me or play too rough. I'd rather be nice and gentle. I get along very well with Little Baby (a.k.a. Moma Kitty) and lived with her at Grandma's for a few years before Mom took us in. I like JR as well - He's a gentleman and we usually get along fine but sometimes he's a bit rough for me. I don't like to be picked up too much or carried around, but I'll just meow and maybe hiss to show my disapproval. It's just hot air, I don't want to bite or anything uncouth like that.

NAME: Big Baby
BREED; Domestic Short Hair
COLOR: Gray, Tabby
BIRTHDAY: 10/1/2008
Rabies Tag # 140496

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