JR's a full grown Texas Tomcat in his prime. Nice looking cat, and friendly once he gets to know you. His eyesignt is very poor and he needs a home where the furniture is not constantly being rearranged, most areas are well lit, and avoid places he could find his way to that he could not see light/dark and feel his way out of. He does well and can see more than just light and dark shadows, but how much more we really don't know.

Because he can't really see you in detail, he'll want to make a big deal of sniffing and maybe 'tasting' your hand to get to know you at first. Tasting is NOT biting.. but inhaling your scent through his partially open mouth where it passes across the Jacobson's organ, a special organ cats have for added sense of smell. It analyzes moisture borne odors. Anyhow, JR makes the most of himself, and aside from occasionally bumping into a wall, and climbing rather than jumping, he does as well as any cat. He likes to play and will grab anything he can get his hooks into. It's best to use twine and cat-toys-on-a-string for play time since he could make a mistake not seeing the hand at first. Petting's another matter and he's very affectionate and has proven to be a loyal friend.
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Howdy! Want to tussle over some twine? I'd love to sleep on the foot of your bed!

NAME: JR or J.R.
BREED; Domestic Short Hair
COLOR: Cream
BIRTHDAY: 02/21/2012
Rabies Tag # 160087

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