Puffy is Mom's favorite and she raised him from a kitten. He was born with his right hind leg missing from the knee down. It was just never there, and so he does not miss it. He gets around as well as any of the others. A testament to Mom, who always rescued the most helpless of animals.
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Scratching under the chin with the non-existent rear paw!
Someone new has come in. Who's that?

I'm a full gown guy and like to play, and to eat! One leg from the knee down is missing from birth, but it doesn't slow me down, the other one is all the stonger. If you scratch under my chin on that side, my missing hind leg starts going through the motions!! I'm a little shy until I know you, but we can be great friends. I'm active and love to climb all over those cat-towers/perches and believe me I have no trouble climbing up and down. I like a little taste of canned tuna right before lights out, but I'm not picky about food, dry or canned.

NAME: Puff / Puffy
BREED; Domestic Short Hair
COLOR: Grey with White
BIRTHDAY: 09/01/2011
Rabies Tag # 140376

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