Queenie is one that is almost always wanting to be petted. She rolls on her back for a tummy rub, and appreciates a gentle hand there. With most cats - you got to be careful doing that - but Queenie isn't about trickery or catching you for some rough play - she really likes a gentle rub.
One eye looks odd having a small iris and pupil and although it has sight, it's sort of a "Bill the Cat" thing. She doesn't mind it and neither do we!
One realy cute or special thing is her very breathy meow - almost flute-like and as though it's half-whispered.
queenie33.jpg queenie34.jpg blackie,queenie,butch.jpg
Me with Blackie in front
and Butch behind
With Butch
in the hallway
Here I am with Yeller.
Queenie.jpg Queenie_love-me.jpg
Rub my tummy, be gentle.

I like to be rubbed and petted, and I am usually calm and friendly and I talk a bit, especially when I want attention. I prefer gentle play and am not fussy about food or greedy. I have poor vision in my right eye but it works OK for me. - And I do NOT look like Bill the Cat!

NAME: Queeny
BREED; Domestic Long Hair
COLOR: Orange and White
BIRTHDAY: 10/1/2011
AGE: 6 yrs
Rabies Tag # 500614