Yeller here, is so-named because of his coloration, not unlike the 'Old Yeller' dog of the vintage film. But the similarity stops there. Yeller's more of an orange-red tint. Anyway he's a grown and healthy young tomcat. He has one eye, the right one, that would be almost normal if he could have the needed cataract surgery. We just can't afford it.

His eyesight, as it is now, is very poor with the left eye nearly useless and sometimes he will bump into walls or a white door which he can't distinguish from a 'light area'. Yeller needs a home where people will look out for him, since he can't see you or much of anything else except light and dark, and where things are not moved around too much.

He compensates well by sticking to walls but he has enough sight to cross open spaces and get up on things when interested. He really needs a home that can afford to get his eye surgery so he can have at least one good eye. Poor cat we just can not aford the cost of the operation. He's young and worth it, worth a chance. I hope somene will help Yeller.
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Yeller: "Hi Y'all! It's like this.. Mom rescued me, but her family can't afford the eye surgery I need, and since Mom' can't take care of me any more, I need a new home. I get along with Butch and Blackie, Queeny, and the rest, so I should be able to get along with most other cats, but what I really need is a good eye so I can enjoy fun and games like the young cat I am. The eye is healthy except for the cataract, or so my doctor says."

NAME: Yeller
BREED; Domestic Short Hair
COLOR: Orange + Red-Orange
BIRTHDAY: 03/04/2012
Rabies Tag # 500615

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