What happens when a small, negligently driven car meets a legally parked/unattended M105 military trailer.

The side of the car rode agaist this wheel, on the spindle nut cover and the lug nuts. The shine on the tire is where the sheetmetal of the car "polished" it.
A hammer and some pliers may be needed to straighten this.
It's not bad at all.
This is at the level of the very top of the door on a car. note the glass.
The underside of the tie-down is scratched up as well.
The area as a whole
The impact of the car has chipped the CARC coating off the spindle nut cover!! The black is from the tire of the car being shredded. The nuts were cleaned by the sheetmetal of the car.
The maroon color of the paint is easily visible. No damage done to the lug nuts, apparently. Note the high quality of CARC, that some remained, even as the surface of this lug nut was shredding through the sheetmetal of the errant car's doors.
the chipped CARC.Note: the wheel is approximately 180 degrees rotated from where it was at the time (reverse all the images of the wheel right-to-left). I had to slightly reposition the trailer, as it moved about 3 feet.
The path of the busted car's wheel.. note it clearly swerves to the curb and then enters the yard a few feet further. Must have been quite a spectacle.

The trailer was facing North and parked against the East curb of the street. The car was traveling South when it struck the parked unattended trailer. It cannot be explained why this happened, because the space in the street is wide enough that the large size fire engine which routinely drives through the street does not even have to slow down to pass the trailer, therefore there is enough room for a car, ok?

This happened Tuesday, November 8, between 2:57 PM and 4:30 PM, in the 4700 block of Kildare Avenue, Dallas, Texas. It was a maroon car with a Hispanic female driver and a minor male pasenger, as reported by witnesses. There is no further information to identify the perpetrator or vehicle.

Kind of useless neighbors as well.. Even though they told me the driver cut her finger on the glass (-that level of detail and involvement!), no one got the plates of the car, nothing, even though they had to back the car out of a yard and drive away on a flat tire and bent rim. Numbskulls. Oh well. I accept my neighbors as my neighbors are; certainly they reciprocate.. I was told the front and side glass and a wheel were destroyed, and the side of the car was ripped open all the way down. Trailer did well though, with just a few scratches.

Searches for the vehicle have not turned up anything. I'm sure it's hidden in a backyard somewhere. Typical case, avoid all responsibility.. just run like cockroaches when someone flicks the lights on. That's how I feel about hit-and-run drivers, too bad if you don't like it -that's your right.