Apex Surplus

8909 San Fernando Road, Sun Valley, CA, 91352


Monday morning, October 10, 2011, we stopped at Apex Surplus, 8909 San Fernando Road, Sun Valley, CA, 91352.

The coolest thing about Apex, besides being stacked from floor to a very high ceiling, is the large outdoor yard. No telling what's out there, and the pictures only show a few of the goods to be seen. I found a resonant charging choke suitable for high voltages and that will get some use later. One could either come in for a specific item and get out quick, or spend all day rummaging if that's what one likes. One nice thing about Apex and it is shown in some of the pictures, is that for each item there's a box or carton of, a sample is tied to the front of the box. This is different from bins and it works well. There are bins too but for the hundreds of items in stock, you can't beat this kind of presentation. I wish we'd had more time. The staff and owner were really helpful. Not sure about policy, but there was room for some negotiation as we saw a couple people buy different items. That's always interesting.

As with all of these visits, it is important to keep in mind that there are only random images and don't reflect everything in the store by a long shot. Everything written here is my opinion and opinions are a dme a dozen. We are not affiliated with this merchant but our expectations were greatly exceeded and we reccommend Apex highly.

Argon laser. What is it about the West and lasers? Never find them in Dallas.. Here they bring them out to the counter to show you.
100_9717.jpg 100_9718.jpg
While we're at it, here's a rocket engine.
100_9720.jpg 100_9721.jpg
100_9722.jpg 100_9723.jpg
Xenon laser - excimer type, probably UV around 300-400. Looks intact and usable!
100_9725.jpg 100_9725a.jpg 100_9726.jpg
100_9727.jpg 100_9728.jpg 100_9729.jpg 100_9730.jpg 100_9731.jpg
100_9732.jpg 100_9733.jpg 100_9734.jpg 100_9735.jpg
Meters, tubes, etc.
Apex is huge.
100_9738.jpg 100_9739.jpg 100_9740.jpg tn_100_9741_mov.jpg
5V 26A 7500V fil xfmr
100_9743.jpg 100_9744.jpg
Another HV fil. unit.
100_9745.jpg 100_9746.jpg
just some aisle shots, to show how much goods are here.
100_9747.jpg 100_9748.jpg 100_9749.jpg 100_9750.jpg 100_9751.jpg
2KVA size- 120/240/440 IIRC, sorry for the dull image.
neon transformers..
100_9754.jpg 100_9755.jpg
Very nice large inductors
100_9757.jpg 100_9758.jpg 100_9759.jpg 100_9760.jpg 100_9761.jpg
100_9762.jpg 100_9763.jpg 100_9764.jpg 100_9765.jpg
These dual chokes are sought by audio types for some reason. Two of the chokes were seen.
I bought this resonant charging choke.
100_9767.jpg 100_9768.jpg 100_9769.jpg 100_9770.jpg 100_9771.jpg
synchronous converter (for signals) was with the transformers. The connector is present, removed for the pic.
serious little pulse transformer.
100_9775.jpg 100_9776.jpg 100_9777.jpg
The wonderful yard. One can spend a few hours here.
100_9778.mov 100_9779.jpg 100_9780.jpg 100_9781.jpg 100_9782.jpg
100_9783.jpg 100_9784.jpg 100_9785.jpg 100_9786.jpg 100_9787.jpg
100_9788.jpg 100_9789.jpg 100_9790.jpg 100_9791.jpg 100_9792.jpg
100_9793.jpg 100_9794.jpg 100_9795.jpg 100_9796.jpg 100_9797.jpg
100_9798.jpg 100_9799.jpg 100_9800.jpg 100_9801.jpg 100_9802.jpg
100_9803.jpg 100_9804.jpg 100_9805.jpg 100_9806.jpg
Back inside looking at some wire.
100_9808.jpg 100_9809.jpg 100_9810.jpg 100_9811.jpg 100_9812.jpg
100_9813.jpg 100_9814.jpg 100_9815.jpg 100_9816.jpg 100_9817.jpg
100_9818.jpg 100_9819.jpg 100_9820.jpg 100_9821.jpg 100_9822.jpg
100_9823.jpg 100_9824.jpg 100_9824a.jpg 100_9825.jpg 100_9826.jpg