Electronics Surplus of the Western United States

Monday, 2011 OCT 03 - OEM Parts Inc.

Monday, 2011 OCT 03 - JB Saunders Electronic Components

Tuesday, 2011 OCT 04 - Mount Rushmore

Tuesday, 2011 OCT 04 - The Transformers!

Wednesday, 2011 OCT 05 - driving across Montana, idaho, and into Washington. Lots of sceninc miles and steep grades though the beautiful mountains.

Thursday, 2011 OCT 06 - Electronic Dimensions

Friday, 2011 OCT 07 - Surplus Gizmos

Saturday, 2011 OCT 08 - Oregon Air and Space Museum
Saturday, 2011 OCT 08 - This huge transmitter at the Oregon Air and Space Museum deserves its own page

Sunday, 2011 OCT 09 - driving south through California. Someone knows what's best for everyone else there and has set the interstate highway speed limit to 55 for all vehicles with trailers (including cars and pickup trucks), while everyone else goes 65-70. This made crossing the state very tedious. Otherwise it was a beautiful place with many scenic views of its own.

Monday, 2011 OCT 10 - Apex Electronics

Tuesday, 2011 OCT 11 - Murphy's Electronics

We regret not visiting the following places. They are definitely worthy of mention and visits, but time was a limiting factor:

Wierdstuff Warehouse
Halted Electronics
Apologies to any we have not listed. Next time?
These are hastily posted each night. As the adventure continues, things will be improved, pics fixed, comments added, etc. more to come..

sunset in NM