J B Saunders Electronic Components

3095 STERLING CIR STE 1, BOULDER, CO 80301-2306


On Monday afternoon, October 03, 2011 we paid a visit to J B Saunders Electronic Components in Boulder, Colorado. Having made a 2.5 hour trip from Colorado Springs, this establishment was the second surplus store on the route and the last one we were to visit in Colorado. We were not disappointed and left with a few specific items. The store had been moved some time ago from its previous location and the GPS was not helping, but a phone call gotus friendly real-time assistance. As with all of these visits, it is important to keep in mind that there are only random images and don't reflect everything in the store by a long shot. Everything written here is my opinion and opinions are a dme a dozen. We are not affiliated with this merchant but our expectations were exceeded and we reccommend J B Saunders highly.

The store is not hard to find but don't trust the GPS as "Sterling" is broken up into a couple of locations. We were grateful that when we called and could not find it, the staff kindly guided us to the right place. That's service!
The first thing seen was this large tub. This is a 'free' parts bin. The day we showed up, there were some wirewound rheostats and telephone handsets inside.
100_0229.jpg 100_0230.jpg
The inside was very tidy and there's a large back room and an upstairs with many types of popular componets.
Quality tools. Excelite and other kinds. I'm picky about tools and was glad to see professional grade items.
100_0232.jpg 100_0233.jpg
3M heat shrink tubing. OK any kind will do,but if you can get the best why not?
Here's where things got interesting for me. I dug in the meter boxes and found replacements for my 1947 RCA BTA-250 AM transmitter.
100_0236.jpg 100_0237.jpg
There's a pretty good selection of old and new transformers in the back. There were some flyback transformers from monochrome displays --these are the type that can make up to 15-20KVAC, are for use with external rectifiers, and useful for Tesla coils, ionizers, and of course CRTs.
100_0238.jpg 100_0239.jpg
Near the transformers are shelves full of power supplies.
The selection of wire and cable was more than enough for most folks.
This is something not easily found - RF screening of Bronze. I think the proper name is hardware cloth, but in any case it was great to see it available. Each of these rolls was 40 square feet.
100_0243.jpg 100_0244.jpg
Another surprise - -ball chain. The balls looked like about 0.25" diameter. This is something you can never find when you need it.
100_0245.jpg 100_0246.jpg
Semiconductors - very neatly ordered, as can be seen, almost anything one might need is available.
The stairs.. lots of good stuff up there.
100_0249.jpg 100_0250.jpg 100_0251.jpg 100_0252.jpg
Capacitors - large and small. The whole side of the aisle was caps.
100_0254.jpg 100_0255.jpg 100_0256.jpg 100_0257.jpg
More meters upstairs..
100_0259.jpg 100_0260.jpg 100_0261.jpg
Very unusual - black light lamps for specific short wavelengths -notethe thick filter material.
100_0264.jpg 100_0266.jpg
There was a good selection of test gear and other stuff including this military radio along the back wall and inshelves. Some of it is on consignment so check it frequently.
100_0266a.jpg 100_0267.jpg 100_0268.jpg
100_0269.jpg 100_0270.jpg 100_0271.jpg 100_0272.jpg 100_0273.jpg
100_0274.jpg 100_0275.jpg 100_0276.jpg 100_0277.jpg 100_0278.jpg
100_0279.jpg 100_0280.jpg 100_0281.jpg 100_0282.jpg 100_0283.jpg
I found several bins of circuit breakers and power resistors.
100_0286.jpg 100_0287.jpg
This one is somewhere about an Ohm I think, but there are many conventional types and values. Quite a few over 100W, many many 10-40W.
My purchase. A few 100 Megohm resistors there too.