Murphy's Surplus Warehouse



Tuesday morning, October 11, 2011, we stopped at Murphy's Surplus Warehouse, 401 N. JOHNSON AVE, EL CAJON, CA. 92020. Murphy's is extremely interesting for those who like military electronics equipment and high end communications systems an components. There is also a huge inventory of 'regular' binned parts and plenty of industrial supplies. Other items like test equipment, special high voltage capacitors, power resistors, a large assortment of transformers, and even a military laser kept us browsing all afternoon. One can also find most types of fastener sizes there. Murply's is a family owned business and their helpful and friendly employees are treated as family and are long-timers. These factors contribute to the good reputation and longevity of the business, as well as making it a pleasure to shop there. I bought a Sencor LC meter, a very large air variable capacitor, a 'bandscope' and some transformers.

As with all of these visits, it is important to keep in mind that there are only random images and don't reflect everything in the store by a long shot. Everything written here is my opinion and opinions are a dme a dozen. We are not affiliated with this merchant but our expectations were greatly exceeded and we reccommend Murphy's highly.

My trailer - proof of the visit.
100_9837.jpg 100_9838.jpg 100_9839.jpg
A one-off military spotlight. This bench is where customer may plug in or test items if they wish.
The small green screen on its side - -the bandscope.
100_9842.jpg 100_9843.jpg
stack of rackmount chassis ready for the experimenter
100_9844.jpg 100_9845.jpg
100_9846.jpg 100_9847.jpg 100_9848.jpg 100_9849.jpg 100_9850.jpg
100_9851.jpg 100_9852.jpg 100_9853.jpg 100_9854.jpg 100_9855.jpg
100_9856.jpg 100_9857.jpg 100_9858.jpg 100_9859.jpg Jacob shows us a rack shelf. 100_9860.jpg
this transformer appears in the previous image. It has a small damage to the insulation ut I inspected it and it looks fine to me.
100_9862.jpg 100_9863.jpg 100_9864.jpg
The plate and filament unit I bought. Note the very high voltage ratings and the low HV current. Its fora CRT. I'll clean off the oxidation, no big deal on that.
100_9866.jpg 100_9867.jpg 100_9868.jpg 100_9869.jpg 100_9870.jpg
100_9871.jpg 100_9872.jpg 100_9873.jpg 100_9874.jpg 100_9875.jpg
there are hundreds of bins. Its pretty orderly, easy to look in the section you want.
100_9877.jpg 100_9878.jpg 100_9879.jpg 100_9880.jpg
100_9881.jpg 100_9882.jpg 100_9883.jpg 100_9884.jpg 100_9885.jpg
100_9886.jpg 100_9887.jpg 100_9888.jpg 100_9889.jpg 100_9890.jpg
100_9891.jpg 100_9892.jpg 100_9893.jpg 100_9894.jpg 100_9895.jpg
100_9896.jpg 100_9897.jpg 100_9898.jpg 100_9899.jpg 100_9900.jpg
100_9901.jpg 100_9902.jpg 100_9903.jpg
the big dual cap I bought- measured about 780pF meshed. The sections rotate together.
100_9904.jpg 100_9905.jpg
100_9906.jpg 100_9907.jpg 100_9908.jpg 100_9909.jpg 100_9910.jpg
military laser. Says "blue blazer". I'm told it was used as an IR designator and it is believed to be in working order. From the construction it looks like a CW unit.
100_9911.jpg 100_9912.jpg
note the 5 cavities or tuning units ??
100_9913.jpg 100_9914.jpg 100_9915.jpg
100_9916.jpg 100_9917.jpg 100_9918.jpg
I meant to buy this set of precision resistors on a switch but forgot!!!
100_9919.jpg 100_9920.jpg
nice HV RF relay
100_9921.jpg 100_9922.jpg 100_9923.jpg 100_9924.jpg 100_9925.jpg
100_9926.jpg 100_9927.jpg 100_9928.jpg
xenon? arc lamp, maybe 600-1000W
100_9929.jpg 100_9930.jpg
100_9931.jpg 100_9932.jpg The phone is connected to another one on the other counter. digital nonsecure voice termial. 100_9933.jpg 100_9934.jpg 100_9935.jpg
100_9936.jpg 100_9937.jpg 100_9938.jpg 100_9939.jpg 100_9940.jpg
100_9941.jpg 100_9942.jpg 100_9943.jpg 100_9944.jpg 100_9945.jpg
100_9946.jpg 100_9948.jpg 100_9949.jpg 100_9950.jpg 100_9951.jpg
100_9952.jpg 100_9953.jpg 100_9954.jpg 100_9955.jpg 100_9956.jpg
appears to be a non-inductive resistor wound on a non ferrous cylnder.
100_9958.jpg 100_9959.jpg 100_9960.jpg 100_9961.jpg 100_9962.jpg
100_9963.jpg 100_9964.jpg 100_9965.jpg 100_9966.jpg 100_9967.jpg
100_9968.jpg 100_9969.jpg

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