OEM Parts Inc

3029 N Hancock Ave, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80907


On Monday morning, October 03, 2011 we paid a visit to OEM Parts Inc in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This establishment was the first surplus store on the route and it was great to get started on our adventure after the very long road march from Dallas, Texas. As with all of these visits, it is important to keep in mind that there are only random images and don't reflect everything in the store by a long shot. Everything written here is my opinion and opinions are a dme a dozen. We are not affiliated with this merchant but we were very happy with the goods and the people and we reccommend OEM highly.
The store was easy to find and there's plenty of parking.
100_0177.jpg 100_0178.jpg 100_0179.jpg The aisles are well organized, and very densely packed with goods. Pictures like this sometimes look messy but it wasn't. Everything was in its place and well labeled. 100_0180.jpg
Items along the top row are the 'museum' and not for sale. This reminds me of my own collection.
100_0183.jpg 100_0184.jpg 100_0185.jpg 100_0186.jpg
At the back there is a lot of rack hardware.
100_0187.jpg 100_0188.jpg
If you need wire or cable, almost any type, it's here.
100_0189.jpg 100_0190.jpg 100_0191.jpg
They sell tubes and you are welcome to test yours.
100_0192.jpg 100_0193.jpg
This is an unusual find. Its the flexible wireway for use with robots and other moving machinery.
100_0194.jpg 100_0195.jpg 100_0196.jpg
The selection of popular ICs was astounding.
100_0197.jpg 100_0198.jpg 100_0199.jpg 100_0200.jpg 100_0201.jpg
Nearly one side of a whole aisle is dedicated to motors of all types and sizes, as well as gearboxes and related accessories.
100_0202.jpg 100_0203.jpg 100_0204.jpg 100_0205.jpg
This very large 48VDC blower was something. I almost bought it for cooling one of my large transmitters.
Insulators -always needed for high voltage and RF.
100_0209.jpg 100_0210.jpg 100_0211.jpg
These ceramic rods are not easy to find. My guess is they are for control shafts.
100_0212.jpg 100_0213.jpg 100_0214.jpg 100_0215.jpg 100_0216.jpg
One of those granite tables. They have many uses and are not easy to come by.
100_0217.jpg 100_0217a.jpg 100_0217b.jpg 100_0218.jpg
Jacob wanted this oscilloscope. Its a Dumont made for WE. Unfortunately it was part of the collection, not for sale. Nice though. Everything past this point are random pics of the "top shelf" items.
100_0220.jpg 100_0221.jpg 100_0222.jpg 100_0223.jpg 100_0224.jpg