Mount Rushmore, USA

Near Rapid city, South Dakota


After departing Boulder, CO, the next stop wasn't a surplus store. MT Rushmore was on the way to Montana, where I'd pick up a 6.7KVA high voltage transformer from my frrend Ron. Arising early at the KOA, we got to Mt. Rushmore early and took some pictures. I tried different exposure settings on the 5MP Kodak camera, you can just look at them and pick what you like. The images of Mt. Rushmore may be freely used for any purpose. After visiting the site, jacob and I headed to Central Montana. This was a long drive and we got to Ron'splace about 9 PM. Afterwards, we stayed in Lewistown at the Mountain View Motel on the main street. It's a simple, reasonably clean, and inexpensive place and you can generally see your vehicle from the window if you prefer. Thye have a few smoking rooms, and the rooms have a TV, microwave, individual a/c, etc. Its also of brick, so it was pretty quiet despite the noisy people in the next room. I liked it and I'd stay there again. Next job to travel west to the state of Washington, some 1000+ miles..
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