Surplus Gizmos

Surplus Gizmos, 5797 NW Cornelius Pass Road, Hillsboro, Oregon


Next stop was Surplus gizmos in Hillsboro, OR. We'd stayed the night with relatives we hadn't seen in a long time, which was a lot better than any hotel.

This place had a good varietyof the usual piece-parts, but what made it different was the wide selection of industrial components and assemblies. Of interest in that area were shelves full of aluminum extrusions, some automated motion equipment and parts, a wafer saw station, a CO2 laser which I bought (eat your hearts out..), control and power transformers, a huge 'variac', controls cabinetry, and other items.

As with all of these visits, it is important to keep in mind that there are only random images and don't reflect everything in the store by a long shot. Everything written here is my opinion and opinions are a dme a dozen. We are not affiliated with this merchant but our expectations were greatly exceeded and we reccommend Surplus Gizmos highly.


special and bagain items are out front (and more inside)
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100_9721.jpg 100_9722.jpg
wafer saw
optical oscilloscope
high voltage sptauing gun?
100_9725.jpg 100_9726.jpg 100_9727.jpg 100_9728.jpg
hard to find materials
100_9729.jpg 100_9730.jpg
portable GFI's
100_9731.jpg 100_9732.jpg 100_9733.jpg
contain four 150W 50 Ohm loads good to 4GHz
100_9734.jpg 100_9735.jpg 100_9736.jpg 100_9737.jpg 100_9738.jpg
100_9739a.jpg 100_9739b.jpg 100_9740.jpg
dye sub printer - it makes barcodes and text on rolls of label paper so you can label bin-boxes with, and this has an easy interface. I had managed one using BASIC before.
100_9741.jpg 100_9742.jpg
100_9743.jpg 100_9744.jpg
for clamping gas cylinders to the wall or other supports.
100_9745.jpg 100_9746.jpg 100_9747.jpg
high end video monitors used to observe processes in manufacturing (often semiconductor) via microscope cameras ot other means
1U pc cases
100_9749.jpg 100_9750.jpg 100_9751.jpg 100_9752.jpg
100_9753.jpg 100_9754.jpg 100_9755.jpg 100_9756.jpg 100_9757.jpg
100_9758.jpg 100_9759.jpg 100_9760.jpg 100_9761.jpg 100_9762.jpg
100_9763.jpg 100_9764.jpg
tape and labels- see next also
100_9764b.jpg 100_9765.jpg 100_9766.jpg
100_9767.jpg 100_9768.jpg 100_9769.jpg 100_9770.jpg 100_9771.jpg
100_9772.jpg 100_9773.jpg 100_9774.jpg 100_9775.jpg 100_9776.jpg
100_9777.jpg 100_9778.jpg 100_9779.jpg 100_9780.jpg 100_9781.jpg
I bought this CO2 laser. It had been there long enough to get spider webs on it. I am amazed none of the locals snapped this up for the $100 price on it. Because it had been there a long time, a lower price was agreed to me. To be fair, a laser with even one piece missing is a real gamble, but what the heck. This is certainly the crowining acquisition so far!
100_9782.jpg 100_9783.jpg 100_9784.jpg 100_9785.jpg 100_9786.jpg
100_9787.jpg 100_9788.jpg 100_9789.jpg 100_9790.jpg 100_9791.jpg
100_9792.jpg 100_9793.jpg 100_9794.jpg 100_9795.jpg 100_9796.jpg
low voltage secondaries, some 30-50V I think?-best to call for these 3-phase beauties.
100_9799.jpg 100_9800.jpg I have several dual section versions of that 'variac'. It is probably a 28A unit for 240V or 120V. 100_9801.jpg
I think this is a chroma keyer. Even though video hobbyists don't much use this kind of gear any more, the real artist would find that the analog thing's abilities would open up some new avenues of creativity.
video distribution amplifiers-- BTW these often work well to boost the antenna signal for a short wave receiver covering up to maybe 10 or 15 MHz, once you go inside and adjust the gain, and widen them up a bit. Its not hard, I have done it a few times.
100_9803.jpg 100_9804.jpg 100_9805.jpg 100_9806.jpg
These detect when an object is within a certain distance. These things cost me a fortune new, I've had to buy them. It shows how reasonable this merchant is.
100_9808.jpg 100_9809.jpg 100_9810.jpg 100_9811.jpg 100_9812.jpg
100_9813.jpg 100_9814.jpg 100_9815.jpg 100_9816.jpg 100_9817.jpg
100_9818.jpg 100_9819.jpg 100_9820.jpg 100_9821.jpg 100_9822.jpg
100_9823.jpg 100_9824.jpg
not easily seen are a couple of optical rails to the left. There are also some very rigid 3FT extrusions up on the top shelf. I bought one of those to mount a CO2 laser tube (glass) on.
100_9825.jpg 100_9826.jpg 100_9827.jpg
nice vacuum pump. Good for processing, or laser.