New Mexico: Roswell, the VLA, Albuquerque, and the Black Hole of Los Alamos

Opcom and Yomerswanson brave the mysterious perils of Roswell to begin a quest for the Perfect Capacitor

  • West Texas Wind Farm
  • Roswell Official Museum with Robert Goddard's workshop
  • Roswell UFO Museum
  • Roswell Surplus Store "Discount City"
  • Rock Shop along 380 between Roswell and Albuquerque Ticking Geiger Counters..
  • The Very Large Array
  • The reason for the trip - the Very Large Capacitor 43uF/12KV rated for oscillatory discharge currents.
  • The Black Hole of Los Alamos
  • Jacob's Pictures
  • Written Comments about these places

    Victory is Ours