Chester, IL

Chester, IL is a fine place. There are no traffic lights, the town using stop signs instead. If you like Italian food, the best place is Marcello's. This is a nice, clean, family owned and family oriented restaurant. There are many historical old things and interesting architecture to see, and the place is friendly. I was there on new Years eve, and although I did not go into the one bar which was probably full of revelers, the atmosphere was festive yet relaxed and rather quiet. I like peace and quiet. Chester, IL is the home of popeye, who I was informed was a real person. There is a food company, Gilster Mary Lee, as advertised in a huge mural. They have a plant in town and another one which is a huge bakery a few miles away and smelled like cookies as we passed.

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Note the steam rising from that loaded pizza!
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We were loaned this minivan, affectionately known as "The Creampuff". The baja lights make the difference!