Recovering the M818 from Uncle Sam

These images were taken when recovering the M818 from the military base after the auction. A few of the images show the 52" 16.00x20 tires that were on the wrecker, and which were later put on the M818, and this is good for comparison of the appearance with the different tires.

1-100_3089.jpg 1-100_3090.jpg 1-100_3091.jpg 1-100_3094.jpg 1-100_3095.jpg
1-100_3096.jpg 1-100_3100.jpg 1-100_3103.jpg 1-100_3104.jpg 1-100_3112.jpg
100_3113.jpg 100_3114.jpg
11.00x20 vs 16.00x20
100_3115.jpg 100_3116.jpg 100_3117.jpg
100_3119.jpg 100_3120.jpg 100_3121.jpg 100_3122.jpg 100_3123.jpg
100_3124.jpg 100_3125.jpg 100_3128.jpg