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Uncle Lee -this is great art!

Uncle Lee's hardware. Nice big store with lots of sporting goods too. looks like wal-mart has not got him yet!

Drove on out intending to make Charleston WV for Clark truck Parts in Polka, WV, but the rain slowed travel. It got dark, and with the poring rain I had to take it slow and easy. The deuce windshield wipers are terrible. I used rain-x and it helped alot. Had to stop every 100 miles or so and put more on.

There is some kind of predator that is not afraid to fly at night in the cold rain. whatever it is, looked like a huge bat or something. It smashed into the passenger's front window and busted the wiper blade off the arm and cracked the glass. It's a good thing it was the passenger side or I would have been skee-rewed! there's no place to pull off on the highway to Lexington.

After making it through Lexington, stopped at the "95 truck stop" in Winchester for dinner at 11PM. To my surprise the wiper blade was lying on the hood of the deuce. The little clip that holds it on the arm was busted off. How a wiper blade can be smashed off by a dragon in the middle of a storm and not fall off the vibrating hood of a deuce for 50 miles or more is beyond me. The 95 truck stop in Winchester is a classic piece of olde-tyme America. You can smoke in the diner, there are truckers and rednecks and former military guys and some bikers (maybe from the concrete? plant across the street) and the food is great, surly/sweet waitesses, home style cookin', real tough lookin guys talking about Jesus at the next table, a great atmosphere. Maybe this is part of the America I was looking for. I don't want to inject politics or religion, I am just glad I happened to stop there. One of the locals said it was probably a "hoot-owl" that hit the truck. They are supposedly not afraid of anything and don't care much about rain. Must be very tough birds although apparently this one was ignorant about trucks, I feel sorry for it though, I doubt it survived the impact and I hate seeing animals killed along the road. Deuce ran good all day, post turbo pyro held at 900 for quite a few of the interstate hills. Would not go higher, so fuel is probably about right.

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