Dave's Military Store and Collectibles

Civil War to Desert Storm, located in Pearl, MS

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Dave's is as much a museum as a store. You can buy BDU's and other regular items, and for re-enactors and serious collectors there are many old uniforms and artifacts available. The place is loaded with all kinds of great stuff.

Notice: The reasonable and educated human being visiting this web page will acknowledge that among any collection of ancient wartime paraphernalia there are sometimes correctly to be found items that some people choose to be offended by. Taking offense is a choice. With regard to relics, a reasonable course of action is to acknowledge the past existence of evil empires in the course of world history and to learn from those mistakes. A fool chooses to be ignorant of the past and deny, or try to hide the facts that such evils existed; and such ignorance opens the way for the past errors of man as chronicled by history to repeat themselves. The items shown herein belong to the store's owner and do not necessarily represent the opinions of this webhost or its management. The photo journal of this store is protected under the First Ammendment of the Constitution of the united States of America. The First Ammendment is, of course, backed up by the Second. No discrimination against this web page or the administrators of this webhost will be tolerated. If you don't like WWII enemy items or Civil War Confederate items, just skip it and go on to the next page. That's what the "Next_Page" tag and "Back" buttons are for. The freedom is yours.

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