Blown Oil Line at the Rest Stop

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Pulling into a rest stop in the late afternoon, I shut 'er down. I went to the restroom. Upon coming back out, I saw something really bad. There was about 3 gallons of engine oil on the deck, it was just pouring from the engine compartment. I figured that's it, the broken door handle the day before -was- an omen, and this had just become an adventure.

As it turned out, the pre-post lube pump had done its job well (I recall someone mocked my small pump; well it seems like it's big enough now!). The output hose of the pump had become defective and come partway off the barb and sprayed oil all over the port side of the engine and compartment. Some came through the firewall holes and there was a nice black puddle on the steel floor.

I cut off the bad end of the hose, and put it back on with a hose clamp. I'll take this up with the kit manufacturer for this mess later, since they firmly said several times that the high-tech high temperature hose would not come off the barb unless cut off. It was only a year old. The rest of the fittings will get hose clamps. I already had one on the oil pan fitting, just made sense.

This left a very large mess in the rest stop. I reported the spill to the attendant, since I had no way to clean it up. Speaking of that, some wealthy seniors in a $300K+ motor home towing a clean 60's ford fairlane pulled in beside me. Of all the places for them to pull in, they pulled in right on the spill where it had run away from the truck. I am talking about a good 10x15 area by the time they pulled in and got out. Then the old woman stood there scowling with her mouth hanging open, and the old man was there walking the pet dog, some hairly little beastie on a pink leash, with his mouth open, but working, I could see his jowls moving because he was staring right at me. It looked like he wanted to say something, but didn't know just what to say. Maybe he was talking to the dog. I said nothing and ignored them. They both had the typical big dark glasses that old people like and their countenances hinted at crabby dispositions. Well if they were not so ignorant, they could have picked another of the 20-some open slots, but no, they chose of their own free will to park on an oil slick. I just got in the truck and drove off, since I had finished the repair and reported the spill. I had only 2 gallons of lube oil with me and the truck was still a gallon low, so I had to stop 5 miles down the road and buy some Rotella.

Before I got that far, I saw an Arkansas state police car coming up, and I thought I was going to get pulled over and ticketed for that mess (like the old crabby people might have narced me out), but he flew by me and nailed a semi tractor. More money to be made there fleecing the truckers with big fines for small infractions.

So by now it's 6 PM and I see a sign that says "15 minute oil change, exit 121". OK I'm going for that since what I poured in was not diesel lube, and it's about time anyway.

At exit 118 there is a Days in, cheap, has smoking, has wired DSL/ethernet, decent.. Next to it is a Colton's steak house.

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